01 Concept: this is the car that will show that the Dakar can be sustainable with e-fuel

It is a Century Racing CR6 modified to use synthetic fuel and reduce CO70 emissions by up to 2%.

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The Spanish team Astara Team will compete in the rally Dakar 2022 with two units of the 01 concept, an evolution of Century Racing CR6 that has been transformed to work with e fuel and to be able to compete at the highest level in a sustainable way. The machines will be piloted by the Iberians Jesús Calleja y Oscar Fuertes.

The Century Racing CR6 is a very competitive car and was able to win in a stage of the last Dakar edition against the powerful official teams. The great secret of this 4 × 2 buggy is its intelligent design, which seeks the minimum weight and the greatest mechanical robustness. Not surprisingly, it is the culmination of more than a decade of development, since Century Racing create its first prototype, the CR-1 of 2008.

astaraSince then, each technical solution has been refined following the same development “mantra”: shedding pounds, adding simplicity and increasing resistance. And it shows in every detail of a car born to run in the most demanding environments.


The last step in this constant development has come from the hand of the Astara Team, which has adapted two units of the CR6 to compete with synthetic fuel, instead of conventional. The transformation work has begun in the V8 engine, which has received modifications in the injection system and a reprogramming of the Motec M1 electronic management to adapt to e-fuel. The tanks and the entire pipeline system have also been adapted to the new ecological fuel.

The great virtues of the base engine are its robustness and powerful torque delivery at full speed (with a maximum of 720 Nm at 4.300 rpm), two key characteristics to face the tough route and the dunes of the Dakar.

astaraAfter the work of the Astara Team, this block stands out for its very low carbon footprint, with CO2 emissions that have been reduced by a 70% compared to those of an equivalent combustion engine. In addition, thanks to the e-fuel, the 01 Concept does not emit solid waste or microparticles from its exhaust pipe.


The basis of the 01 Concept is a sophisticated ultralight steel tubular frame and of high resistance that forms a security card for pilot and copilot. The suspensions, engine and transmission are directly anchored on it; and the carbon fiber elements that make up the cabin and the exterior bodywork.

The entire chassis is designed to withstand the toughness of the Dakar and effectively overcome obstacles in its path. For this it has some impressive 37-inch diameter BF Goodrich tires (with electronically controlled inflation / deflation system) and with double wishbone suspensions with an impressive 440mm travel.


astaraThe 01 Concept is the lightest vehicle in its class, with only 1.621 kilos dry. Lightweight materials abound in its construction, such as special steels, aluminum, and carbon fiber. And single-axle drive lets you do without a ton of drivetrain. As a result, it is the car in its category that requires the least energy to move.


With 380 hp power, light weight and highly efficient suspensions, the 01 Concept is blazingly fast on all types of terrain. Accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 6 seconds and its maximum speed is limited to 170 km/h in the Dakar by regulation, but could exceed the 225 km/h cross country without limitations.


astaraThe 01 Concept uses the Dakar's most energy-dense energy storage system. A liter of e-fuel has 10,752 kWh of energy, so the Astara 01 Concept is able to board 3.870 kWh with their full e-fuel tanks, which only weigh about 400 kilos. Batteries capable of storing the same amount of energy for an electric car would weigh more than 22 tons, since its energy density is very low: 0,17 kWh per kilo of weight.


The interior has been optimized to accommodate the entire instrumentation required for pilot and copilot, with the least possible weight. A single piece of carbon serves as the dashboard and center console; With other large plates of this material the floor, the bases for the seats and the rear wall are created. This model is air-conditioned and its design allows good visibility, key factors in a competition like the Dakar.

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