Ten years after the death of Guido Falaschi, circuit safety continues to fail

During the TC Pick-Up race at El Villicum an accident exposed a gross error with the tire fenders.

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Just a few days ago, ten years of the death of Guido Falachi in a race of Road Tourism en Balcarce. That event that cost the 23-year-old boy his life exposed the security flaws track by Juan Manuel Fangio. The last weekend, unbelievably, An incident that occurred at the El Villicum racetrack in San Juan exposed that Argentine motorsport has not learned anything in this decade.

Safety is essential in motorsport and that does not deserve the slightest debate. Fortunately, there are people and entities that are dedicated to studying the subject and ensuring that both vehicles and tracks are as safe as possible. But sometimes that is not enough and less in Argentina ...

TC Pick Up
TC Pick-Up at El Villicum, on November 29, 2021.

After Falaschi's death, it was found that the circuit was enabled by the Road Tourism Corridors Association (ATC) without having something basic that establishes the International Automobile Federation: the correct placement of the rubbers Containers, which must be stacked, bolted together, encased and covered with a protection to prevent them from dispersing in a collision. All this procedure to ensure that the defenses absorb any impact.

When Falaschi got lost the tires were loose and, consequently, the car bounced against a wall, went to the middle of the track and there received two very strong impacts, the first of William Ortelli and the second one Nestor Girolami.

Unfortunately, Guido's death was the culmination of a year in which the lack of security of some settings was criticized several times. Mostly due to the use of land plowed in the escape routes, something that caused a dust cloud that complicated visibility every time a vehicle got lost; as well as other Creole techniques rejected by the FIA.

Balcarce tires
The desetatado rubbers of the sector in which Guido Falaschi hit during the TC final in Balcarce on November 13, 2011.

One might suppose that after a decade the lesson was learned, but last Sunday we realized that it has not been. The El Villicum circuit was the scene of the last date of the TC Pick Up, category audited by the ACTC. During the first lap of the race, he won Diego Ciantini and consecrated to John Paul Gianini as a champion, three trucks got confused at the last corner during the first lap and headed straight for a wall covered with loose tires.

Javier Jack y mario ferrando alone first to reach the wall and spread the rubbers; While Mauritius Jungle It hits the guard-rail squarely, now without the "containment" tires. They were not violent impacts, but they were enough to expose the deficient security, at least in that sector.

TC Pick Up
Another shot of the TC Pick-Up accident at The Villicum.

The Villicum was conceived to receive the World Superbike and, as such, has the approval of the International Motorcycle Federation. Its drawing has ideal turning radii for motorcycles and that is why cars, to go faster and not waste time, with their four wheels they exceed the limits of the track. By allowing this type of practice - something that is actually a foul that should be penalized - the circuit becomes a death trap for having an insufficient escape zone.

And what happened on Sunday with the TC Pick-Up already happened this year when the Road Tourism competed there, which is even more serious.

What happened deserves reflection. Not only of the supervisory entities, both the ACTC and the Automobile Club ArgentinoIn short, those responsible for determining whether a circuit is safe or not; but also from the drivers themselves, who are smart enough to realize that their lives are at stake at every turn.

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