Canapino shouted champion, dedicated it to his father and fights a record against Flaco Traverso

He was consecrated in the Super TC2000, where he already reigned in 2016, and achieved his 15th title in Argentine motorsports.

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The minutes it took to get off your Chevrolet Cruze it was the time that he himself chose to unburden himself for a special year. Yes, he won the title, as he did so many times. But this time the coronation was special because when he got out of his car he couldn't hug his father. After gathering strength to get out of the car, he went straight to the trunk, knelt down and laid his head on the signature of who was his father, but also his number 1 fan. That was how emotional was the consecration as champion of the Super TC2000 de Agustin Canapino, who with this crown paid tribute to his father Alberto, who died last February due to the consequences of the coronavirus.

The conquest took place on circuit N ° 9 of the Buenos Aires racetrack, where a large number of people were present despite inclement weather. Agustín, referent of the official team Chevrolet, arrived at this appointment at the head of the tournament with ten points of advantage over Leonel Pernia, Renault. The two were fighting forward, something that gave the definition an extra spice.

Agustin Canapino
Not even the rain stopped Canapino, who achieved his second title in the Super TC2000.

With the pole he achieved in qualifying on Saturday, the reef showed that he was at a good level to face the last race of the year with optimism. Pernía, on the other hand, was relegated to fifth place, something that forced him to go all or nothing on Sunday.

The two candidates were intertwined ahead, but with a lot at stake, they yielded the leading role of the race to Julian Santero (Toyota), who went straight to the win.

At some point Canapino tried to hunt down the cuyano, but when he found Pernía again fighting for a place on the podium, after a few laps closing the Top 5, he ran to secure the result he needed. Agustín finished third behind his rival and that allowed him to achieve his second title in the specialty after the one he achieved in 2016.

Agustin Canapino
The start of the last date of the year of the Super TC2000.

The Titan earned enough credit to win the championship in a very competitive year for the Super TC2000. Although he had monotonous races that not even the Push to pass They were able to save, there were others like this one from the definition in which the fight was intense. What's more, all the official teams won and, at some point in the season, each of the four terminals had one of their representatives as a candidate for the scepter.

Of course there were also other mistakes, such as the doubts that were generated with the performance of the Oreca engines, whose mapping is varied so that they deliver more power with the PtP; or with some audit decisions that they were not to the liking of much; without counting on the Pirelli tire reliability issues ...

"We are champions! It seems a lie, if you do not suffer, it is not worth it. It was a very intense race. I want to thank the whole team, Chevrolet, YPF and all of Pro Racing for having trusted my old man to start this project; He put everything he had on him and today I am very sorry that I was not able to celebrate with him. But I feel that he accompanied me a lot and I remembered him in all the laps, especially when it started to rain very hard, because there the race got more difficult ", affirmed the flamboyant monarch.

Julian Santero
Julián Santero, winner of the competition.

About to turn 32 years old (he was born on January 19, 1990), Canapino is one of the most successful pilots of his generation. To his two crowns in the Super TC2000 he adds seven of Top Race (2010 to 2014, 2016 and 2017), four of Road Tourism (2010, 2017 to 2019) and one in the TC Track (2008) and the Megane Cup (2007). With these 15 crowns it was one to equal Juan Maria Traverso, nothing less, the most champion on the track at the national level with 7 crowns in TC 2000, 6 in TC and 3 in Top Race.

But there will be time to think about more titles, now is the time to enjoy it. He deserves it.


1 Julian Santero Toyota Corolla 41m43s097
2 Leonel Pernia Renault fluence gt 00.901
3 Agustin Canapino Chevrolet cruze 04.161
4 Damien Fineschi Renault fluence gt 04.398
5 Facundo Ardusso Honda civic 07.082
6 Matthias Milla Renault fluence gt 09.420
7 Matias Rossi Toyota Corolla 10.959
8 Bernardo Keychain Chevrolet cruze 12.649
9 Ignatius Montenegro Honda civic 14.390
10 Marcelo Ciarrocchi Citroen C4 Lounge 20.136

AVERAGE: 135,026 km / h. LAP RECORD: Key in 1m126s842 / 1000 at 138,997 km / h. CHAMPIONSHIP: 1) Agustín Canapino, 221 points; 2) Leonel Pernía, 213; 3) Julián Santero, 169; 4) Facundo Ardusso, 144; 5) Matías Rossi, 133; 6) Bernardo Llaver, 115; 7) Damian Fineschi, 94; 8) Matías Milla, 85; 9) Franco Vivian, 59; 10) Juan Ángel Rosso, 45.


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