Agustín Canapino lowered his thumb to Push to Pass, but ...

The Chevrolet team driver, who won last Sunday in the Super TC2000, analyzed the new system that the category has used since this year.

Toyota Hilux

El Super TC2000 decided to innovate this year with the implementation of Push to pass, a system that gives cars a extra power for a limited time to promote improvement. Though the device did not have a good debut at the start of the tournament at the Buenos Aires racetrack, was able to show its power in the second presentation of the specialty also carried out in the Buenos Aires layout.

Agustin Canapino, winner of the last appointment at Hermanos Gálvez, gave his opinion on the matter. Although he admitted that he does not like this system, like so many others that are applied today in motorsports, he gave it credit ...

Agustin Canapino
The green windshield light indicates that the PTP has been activated.

"The Push to Pass is like anything extra that is added to conventional motorsport ... Be it the Push to Pass, the penalty, the kilos, the play-off or whatever, I don't like it because I'm a purist", Canapino admitted in an interview in WorldSport (Monday to Friday from 18 to 19 by La 990).

“I think that one of the problems we have had in recent years among so many things that have been added and removed is to confuse people… And people who don't understand what they see get bored and don't look at it; and that brings out the public ", explained the pilot of the official Chevrolet team

“One of the secrets of football is that it is always the same from the first day to the last and anyone who watches a football match understands it no matter how much you like it or not, and if it is interesting, they will stare at it. Racing was like that until a few decades ago. When it began with the advancement of technology and other reasons, it led it to mutate to different formats and different things that made it confusing and that began to alienate the public ”, compared the reef.

Despite his position, Canapino clarified that the Push to Pass should be welcomed: “Although I think that, at the same time I support it because if we did not have it, like the other things, the races would be more linear due to a technical question of how the cars, tires and circuits are… Although I am not in favor of things that go outside the line of purism at the same time I support them because I believe that today they are necessary to offer a better show ”.



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