Agustín Canapino shone in a great race of the Super TC2000

The Chevrolet driver was the main protagonist of the weekend on the second date of the calendar.

After the pale image that the Super TC2000 at the start of his 2021 tournament, last 14 at the Autodromo de Buenos Aires; the category of turbo engines retaliated in the second appointment of the calendar that also took place on the Buenos Aires stage. The one who did the best in an entertaining career was Agustin Canapino (Chevrolet), who had also won in Saturday's sprint.

Agustin CanapinoCanapino, who for his victory in the qualifying race started ahead in the Sunday competition, did not have a good start and lost three positions. In front of him they stood Facundo Ardusso (Sling), Bernardo Keychain (Chevrolet) and Julian Santero (Toyota).

Over the laps, Ardusso emerged as the man to beat in a test that had a successful change in the system of Push to pass Regarding the first date of the contest in variant N ° 8. Instead of 9 shots, a delay of 9 seconds and their use for 25 seconds, there were 12 possibilities of using them, a delay of 12 seconds and 40 of use.

Agustin CanapinoArdusso endured Santero's attacks, who on more than one occasion showed him the car; and the pressure that Canapino later exerted. But the luck of the Santa Fe changed after the neutralization forced by the strong dismissal of Thomas Cingolani (Renault).

In the relaunch, Ardusso and Santero practically did a good part of the No. 9 circuit, but they entered the Mixed sector of the No. 9 circuit, something that was used by Canapino to pass both and get ahead of the peloton.

With ten laps to go, Canapino controlled his guards, who fought intensely for second place, a position that Ardusso eventually won over Santero. “We won a very intense race. It would be difficult to explain everything that happened, I would have to spend an hour ... Just say thank you to all those who accompany me, who are with me at this difficult time. I am excited for all that we have to live. Let's enjoy and let's go for more ”, the winner said briefly.

Behind the knit trio came Leonel Pernía (Renault), who started ninth and with that result remains at the forefront of the competition.


1 Agustin Canapino Chevrolet cruze 42:40.369
2 Facundo Ardusso Honda civic 02.079
3 Julian Santero Toyota Corolla 02.561
4 Leonel Pernía Renault fluence gt 04.742
5 Bernardo Keychain Chevrolet cruze 05.885
6 Damian Fineschi Renault fluence gt 06.259
7 Matías Milla Renault fluence gt 06.896
8 Marcelo Ciarrocchi Citroen C4 Lounge 09.370
9 Fabian Yannantuoni Honda civic 10.421
10 Franco Vivian Toyota Corolla 11.213

AVERAGE: 136,720 km / h. LAP RECORD: Santero, 1: 21.051 at 148,928 km / h. CHAMPIONSHIP: 1) Pernia, 39 points; 2) Santero, 34; 3) Canapino, 31; 4) Rossi, 25; 5) Ardusso, 23; 6) Fineschi, 19; 7) Keychain, 15; 8) Mile, 11; 9) Barrichello, 10; 10) Vivian, 6. NEXT DATE: 11/04, Córdoba.




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