Alberto Canapino: The emotional letter from his son Agustín

The multiple Argentine champion said goodbye to his father with some beautiful words that he shared on his Instagram.

One day after the death of his father Alberto Canapino, your son Agustin Canapino decided to make his pain public through an emotional letter that he shared in his Instagram.

“My old man, my friend, my brother, my partner, my teacher, my psychologist, my everything… life always filled us with challenges, as I told you in our last talk before you fell asleep, Thank you for everything you gave me, I would be nothing without you.

Alberto CanapinoYou left in your personal and professional best moment, how unfair. Everything as fast as your mother, my dear grandmother, only five months ago almost the same as with you, from one day to the next when everything was fine.

This shit virus is a horror movie, I shit pineapples. Please those who can, take care of yourselves to take care of your loved ones, they do not know what hurts, it leaves you without air, with nothing.

Today I feel like I can't; Those who are with me know how hard everything has always been for me and especially these last two years. I assure you that victories and titles are useless if you do not have your loved ones healthy in body and mind by your side.

But you also asked me to carry out the race because we never imagined that this was going to happen, neither you nor I. Supposedly you were stable and they connected you so that you did not suffer so much all the nightmare that you were living. Today you are no longer here. What madness. Total madness.

I promise you that I will continue, I do not know how because you were the director of the entire orchestra, and the best director there could be, but somehow I will continue as I can. There are many people who are going to help me because not even you know how many people you helped and taught in this sport that was your life, our beloved motorsport.

I was excited about waking up today and they told me "calm head was just a nightmare" but no, the re concha de la lora, it's true, what madness ... I'm done shit, defeated, lost, how the fucking mother hurts ...

Thanks Pa, you can't imagine how I already miss you and I'm going to miss you ”.



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