Alberto Longo: "Formula E will be the benchmark in motorsport"

The Spanish is one of those responsible for the electrical category, which this year debuted its World Championship status.

"There are many rumors about Formula E. And believe me, most of them are true". Alberto longo he smiles when he tells how the course of the electric category was charted during a dinner in a Parisian restaurant in 2011. The Frenchman was at the table with him Jean Todt, holder of the International Automobile Federation; and his compatriot Alexander Agag, founder and current President of the series. There they talked about the future of mobility and quickly agreed that it would definitely be electric.

Alberto longoAt some point during this remarkable evening, it occurred to these visionaries that the FIA ​​should spearhead this initiative and launch the world's first electric single-seater world championship. “Alejandro immediately recognized the potential and volunteered as a promoter. The rest of us agreed. That napkin is framed and now it is hanging on the wall above the table in that restaurant ”, Longo explained.

El August 27st, 2013, old friends Agag and Longo received the official go-ahead from the FIA ​​to create Formula E. “The first race was scheduled for 2015. That alone would have been a huge challenge. At that time, we had absolutely nothing, no technology, no teams, no pilots, no cities, no partners ”, remember Longo on podcast Inside E.

However, in the end they were given even less time. In January 2014, just after the first teams had signed up, a call came from the FIA ​​headquarters in Paris asking that the start be brought forward to autumn. "That was the biggest challenge of our lives, but our dream came true with the first race in Beijing on September 13."

Mitch Evans
Photo: Andrew Ferraro / LAT Images.

Formula E continued to evolve much faster than anticipated. "If someone had told us seven years ago that we would be where we are now, they would have answered that they were absolutely crazy"He says. "The fact that we have come so far and so fast is a real triumph". However, with success comes responsibility. "We have to live up to these expectations every day and we look forward to doing the right thing with the many people who have placed their trust in us."

As Director of the Championship, his daily work is first and foremost the organization. It also deals with the racing schedule, especially difficult in times of a global pandemic. In this regard, another update will be announced towards the end of April. For him, it is important to maintain a global perspective. "The whole world is affected, not just sports ”.

But one of Longo's strengths is undoubtedly the ability to anticipate events and plan for the future. The question of where he sees Formula E in five years does not bother him in the least: "That is easy", smile. “I firmly believe that Formula E will be the benchmark in motorsport in terms of innovation, technology, sustainability, inclusion and equality. Obviously, there is still a lot of work to be done before that happens, but Formula E has been created for that purpose.



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  1. The space was given to him by F1 from 2014 with turbo engines without sound. It is not the problem that they are hybrids (although that added weight and today they are at an incredible 745 kg), if they had made them hybrids with the aspirated V8s the appeal of the sound would have remained.
    I do not honestly know if FAITH will be the reference or not. I do not like cars at all (I clarify that F1 cars either, but they are less ugly).
    It is likely that the short-term future of mobility will be electric, in the long term we don't really know, if hydrogen or some other type of technology evolves (Synthetic Fuels for example). When you become aware of the problem that batteries will be in the future, it seems to me that something similar to what happened with Diesel in recent times is going to happen.

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