Alfa Romeo C41-Ferrari: New horn and lots of hope

It is an evolution of last year's C39, although with a different nose to improve its aerodynamics.

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The stage of the Warsaw Grand Theater (Poland) was the place chosen by the team Alfa Romeo de F1 to present his new car, the C41, who will lead the Finnish Kimi Räikkönen and Italian Antonio Giovinazzi.

With a novel color scheme, designed by the Centro Stile Alfa Romeo, and with the team's now traditional red and white colors, the car, designed under the coordination of the technical director, Jan Monchaux, represents an evolution of C39 who competed in the 2020 season.

Alfa Romeo C41-FerrariDue to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, the car carries many of the components of its predecessor, but surprises with its renewed appearance, particularly with regard to the French horn, an area in which the team has preferred to focus its development tokens.

Under the body, a new awaits Ferrari engine, ready to roar in less than a week, when the team embarks on a new season with the C41 shakedown in Barcelona next Friday.

The Alfa Romeo logo is flanked by the Four-leaf clover, the four-leaf clover, traditionally associated with Alfa Romeo racing vehicles, and the logo of Autodelta, the legendary racing team of the brand.

Alfa Romeo C41-Ferrari
Kimi Räikkönen, Antonio Giovinazzi and Robert Kubica, team tester driver.

These logos adorn the bodywork and contribute to the creation of one of the most prominent cars on the grid: a classic design that embodies the passion and tradition of the brands it represents.

“The launch of a new car is always an emotional moment, the culmination of months of effort by many people at the factory and the beginning of a new adventure. I think the philosophy on which the team is based remains the same: tomorrow we have to do a better job than we are doing today. ", Frédéric Vasseur explained, Alfa Romeo Racing Team Principal and CEO of Sauber Motorsport.

Alfa Romeo C41-Ferrari“We finished last season in P8, so we have to aim for a better result in 2021. To do that, we have to keep improving in every department, on the track and at the headquarters. All the teams on the grid have very high expectations at the moment: they all hope to do a good job in the winter and be in a good position for the first race, but soon it will be time for them to show their cards ”, He added.

While Monchaux provided details of the brand new unit: “The C41 is the result of a very unusual situation in Formula 1, in which the regulations have prevented us from developing a completely new car for this year. For this reason, our 2021 car shares many parts in common with the C39, with the exception of those that the regulations forced us to change, such as the ground and the nose, in which we invested our two development chips. This means that we will get to know the car much better than usual when we get to testing, but it will still be crucial to take advantage of those three days to verify that reality matches our expectations and to get to know the new tires. "

Alfa Romeo C41-FerrariThe development and launching of the vehicle is in charge of Sauber motorsport. The partnership with Alfa Romeo began in 2018 when the Italian manufacturer joined the team as title sponsor.

However, this alliance goes beyond racing. Collaboration, both technical and commercial, allows transferring the technical experience of Sauber Engineering to the production of Alfa Romeo road vehicles.

In particular, the project Giulia GTA benefits from this long-standing partnership that leverages the invaluable technical expertise of Sauber AG's engineering and aerodynamics divisions So much so that Alfa Romeo has entrusted Sauber Engineering with the production of most of the carbon components of the GTA y GTAm, especially those that have an aerodynamic impact.

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