Alfa Romeo: The History of Its Badge

Alfa Romeo 1

Enigmatic, colorful, unique, personal and with a lot of history. Few emblems in the motor world have the beauty and history that the Alfa Romeo crest carries.

The insignia that the Italian firm chose to honor its cars is a perfect combination of symbols that constitute the emblem of the original city of the automaker: Milan. Something to highlight is that this badge knew how to aggnate with the passage of time and achieved a mutation according to each moment in the brand's history.

During the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries, Milan suffered the rule of the tyrant Bonizone, being ravaged by a terrible plague. These harsh events triggered a civil war that the bishop of that time managed to control. He is the one who brings out the large red cross used today in the Alfa Romeo logo. We are talking about the very cross of Saint Ambrose: a symbol of the aristocracy in union of peace accompanied by a white field representing the vassalage, a cross that is also part of the coat of arms of Milan.

Alfa Romeo 2

This symbol is later attributed to a heroic act of the young Milanes, Giovanni di Rho, carrying it as a standard in the First Crusade in the Holy Land and also used by the Milanese who left for Constantinople at the end of the XNUMXth century.

Another element that makes up the logo is the queen snake. This animal comes from the shield of the Visconti family, one of the founders of Alfa, in addition to symbolizing the action in the crusades.

The large blue ring, which initially bore the initials ALFA (for Anónima Lombarda Fabrica Automobili) and the "Milano" at its bottom, after the entry of the Engineer Nicola Romeo as majority shareholder, the firm added his surname "Romeo" . Then, as a result of the world championship obtained with the P2, at the wheel of Count Gastone Brilli Peri, a laurel guard was attached to commemorate the great victory.

Italian design, so typical and characteristic of Alfa Romeo, revealed in its flagship: its logo.



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