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Why is riding a motorcycle a lifestyle?


In recent years, the number of people, both men and women, who drive motorcycles has grown considerably. Some decided to get to know the world of two wheels because they were exhausted from the countless hours of their lives lost by being stuck on an avenue or waiting for a bus that would never arrive due to an unexpected union strike. Others because it was cheaper than maintaining a car and a large part because a friend loaned it to them and they wanted to try it. Whatever the reason, those individuals who dared to get on for the first time always end up repeating the same phrase: "It's a one-way trip" or "Once you get on, you never get off again."

In 2016, after the Ministry of Economy decided not to renew the application of the luxury goods tax on mid-range motorcycles, the industry began to rebound again from the numbers it had in 2013, after two consecutive years of record highs. sales. According to the monthly report delivered by the Motor Vehicle division of the Association of Automotive Dealers of the Argentine Republic (ACARA), 65.731 units were patented in November, which means an increase of 40,1 percent in the inter-annual comparison. In addition, if we take into account the numbers obtained in the eleven months of the year, patents increased by 47 percent compared to 2016.

But the reality is that beyond the users buying them for economic reasons, they are much cheaper to acquire and maintain than a car; for ease of movement in the city; or by the simple fact of using them on weekends, the motorcycle is here to stay and begin, in some cases, to be something more than a vehicle.

In April the British lubricant brand Silkolene called for Trendsity to carry out a qualitative study with the aim of knowing the profile of motorcycle lovers and the universe of experiences and meanings around them and their care.

The director of the consulting firm, Mariela Mociulsky, he remarked: “What is imposed as its own and particular to the motorcycle is the experience itself, where enjoyment and disconnection are always present. The motorcycle occupies a prominent place in their lives and their families, it becomes a way of life ”.


As with cars, motorcycle lovers tend to meet in groups that share the same passion, whether it is to take a trip, a mechanic service or have mates. The reality is that users bond with their vehicle and take care of it like a child.

“One day the motorcycle arrived, I liked it and it became part of my life. She transports you, gives you a feeling of freedom and you live differently with your times. The motorcycle is one of the best things that life gave me ”, explained Julio, a 35-year-old who uses it to go to work and also on the circuits. “It is my means of transportation everywhere. In addition to using it during the week when I can, I escape to the kart track and take a few turns. Always checking that the bike is in good condition and well lubricated ", Agregó.

Although motorcyclists do not always have advanced knowledge of mechanics they always look for their motorcycles to be clean and beautiful, more than anything, to attract the attention of other riders. For this, they usually dedicate a lot of time of their lives to their care: “After washing my motorcycle, I am very careful when going out on the street and I try not to go over any puddle, so as not to get it dirty because it always takes a long time to make it spotless and remove the grease or oil.”Confessed Gabriel, who has been driving for eight years.

Whether used in the city to go to college, take trips with friends or simply avoid a traffic congestion, motorcyclists always describe a feeling that they can only achieve on their motorcycles: “freedom”. That freedom that they enjoy differently when they are on their motorcycles, whether they had a great day or the worst day of their life. For bikers, their bikes are one with themselves and they know that they will always be faithful friends. Of course, as the doctor who recommends you take care of your health internally and externally, the same thing happens with them. They will accompany you even in the most complicated terrain as long as you take good care of them both on the outside and on the inside.

Silkolene with 108 years of experience in the world of lubricants offers a wide range of products that adapt to each type of use. From the “Ride” line, designed for those who use their motorcycle to work or travel; “Scoot” for users of scooters or mopeds; from the “Off-Road” option for 2 and 4-stroke engines that must be protected on more aggressive terrain to the “Race” option created for those who make the most of their high-end motorcycle on the circuits.



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