Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay in the sights of the Extreme E for 2022

These countries, like Italy and Costa Rica, appear as alternatives for the penultimate date of the next tournament.

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As the championship celebrates the halfway point of its first season, Extreme E his eyes are fixed on the future as he reveals the first insights into how the 2022 tournament schedule is shaping up. And plans include South America, a region that was not able to visit this year as planned due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The electric racing series takes place in extreme places as part of its mission to generate awareness of climate change issuessuch as global warming, melting ice caps, rising sea levels, wildfires, and extreme weather and desertification, while promoting sustainability and the adoption of electric vehicles to help protect the planet.

Extreme E“We have had an enormously positive response to Extreme E during this opening season, from governments to NGOs, who see great potential, not only to use our sports platform with a clear purpose to educate on climate issues, but also to show the solutions. of which they and the world community in general can be part ”, said Alexander Agag, CEO and founder of Extreme E.

“As we approach the end of our first season, we wanted to be transparent about how our second season is shaping up to help our teams, drivers and partners prepare. We've had a lot of interest in both holding events at locations we visited in Season 1 and at new locations, and we are currently at a stage where we have multiple options for some of our races. As a committed championship that aims to put fans at the center of decision-making, we are also eager to hear comments and opinions on where we should go in future seasons. ” He added.

The start of the next tournament is already confirmed: it will be on February 20 in Saudi Arabia. The second will be played on the 8th of major and has three possible hosts: Senegal, Egypt y Tanzania. The third round will take place on July 10 in Greenland o Iceland. The penultimate date, September 11, has as candidates Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Italy y Costa Rica. While the closure is already official, on November 27 in Chile.

Sébastien Loeb and Cristina Gutiérrez

In addition to providing a platform for climate awareness, Extreme E provides a strong economic impact to host countries. YouGov Sport, the international data analysis and research organization, estimated that the series' inaugural event in Saudi Arabia contributed local value of more than 47 million.

These figures include the employment of local staff, logistics, transportation to and from the race site, as well as the provision of local food and beverages and hotel nights.

The general exposure to the media of the Desert X Prix The Saudi Arabia was itself a major factor in the overall economic impact. Thanks to the staggering amount of 190 global broadcast markets by Extreme E, which reached a global audience of 18,7 million, coupled with its strong media presence, resulted in an unprecedented media value of almost 32 millones de euros for the championship.

Extreme E has already surpassed its goals for the end of Season 1 on social media by reaching the 100 million video views, an increase in 400 percent of comments, likes and shared posts, and more than XNUMX billion impressions across all of its digital platforms for each of its two X Prix opening events.

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