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This is the new MINI logo

MINIAs of March 2018, all models of MINI They will sport the new logo of the British brand that combines elements of the initial style of the classic MINI with a future-oriented image.

The new MINI logo is inspired by the three-dimensional style of the existing image since the relaunch of the brand in 2001, but applying a form of visual expression known as "flat design" or flat design, which maintains the key graphic elements.

Preserving the essentials, with the tradition-steeped design of the winged circle with the brand name written in capital letters in the center, ensures that the logo is instantly recognizable.

By deliberately avoiding the use of shades and gray tones, a powerful contrast effect is created between black and white that conveys the clarity and authenticity of the new brand identity. In addition, its two-dimensional character allows a universal application. The new logo will be applied as a product label to all MINI models, on the bonnet, the rear, the center of the steering wheel and the remote control.

This latest design marks the beginning of another chapter in the varied history of the MINI logo. In particular, there is a striking similarity to the stamp introduced for the classic Mini in the mid-1990s. At that time, the brand name also appeared in capital letters in the middle of a circle with stylized wings.

The combination of the circle and wing symbols dates back to a very early era of the classic Mini. When in 1959 the British Motor Corporation (BMC) launched the Morris Mini-Minor along with the Austin SevenStructurally identical, the former bore the Morris brand logo. This one carried a red ox and three blue waves, symbol of the city of Oxford, that appeared within a circle with a stylized wing on each side.

For its part, the sister model, which is known by the name of Austin mini from 1962, it had carried its hexagonal logo, which featured the brand's inscription and emblem, on the radiator grille. Additionally, two other individual variants of this small but revolutionary vehicle appeared under two other BMC brand names: Wolseley y Riley. The Wolseley Hornet and Riley Elf had a more distinguished design, since they not only had a modified body and exclusive equipment, but also had their own brand logo.


In 1969, the multiple identities of the classic Mini came to an end. Thereafter it was made only at the Longbridge plant in the UK, while giving it the famous and unique Mini name.

To mark this milestone, the classic Mini also received a new logo, the design of which was a classic emblem with an abstract design that bore no resemblance to the original symbols.

What became known as the Mini shield was used for decades, adapting its design on several occasions. Several special models of the classic Mini received individually designed logos, although all of them were based on the universal emblem format.

The new edition of the 1990 Mini Cooper underwent a change from these strict principles: there was a return to the traditional logo design and a focus on the sporting merits of the classic Mini. A chrome steering wheel with stylized wings emulated the Morris Mini-Minor logo, but instead of the ox and the waves, the inscription "MINI COOPER" appeared in red, with a green laurel wreath on a white background. In 1996, this variant was applied to other models with a modified background and the inscription "MINI", which was highlighted on a green background.

Only a few years later, during the preparations for the new launch of the brand, which today belongs to BMW Group, the decision was made to redefine the MINI identity and also its logo. In this case, the design of the latest logo used for the classic Mini was taken as the basis and consistently modernized.

At its presentation in November 2000, the modern MINI appeared with a unique three-dimensional design logo, with the brand lettering in white on a black background. The chrome steering wheel and sleek wings remained unchanged for nearly 15 years and became the globally known symbol of driving fun, individual style and premium quality in a 60st century small vehicle. Similarly, the new MINI logo reflects a clear commitment to the tradition of the British brand, dating back almost XNUMX years.



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