Aston Martin Valkyrie: In Search of Brave Warriors

The hypercar that will be born from the partnership between the Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team and Aston Martin already has a definitive name. After being known at first with the code AM-RB001, the vehicle will be marketed under the name of Valkyrie, thus continuing the tradition of the English brand of using the "V" as the first letter in identifying its models (Vantage , Virage, Vanquish and Vulcan).

The Valkyrie is built on a lightweight carbon fiber frame and has radical aerodynamics by the genius of Englishman Adrian Newey, the star designer of the Austrian team.

Its hybrid mechanics is based on a 12-liter Cosworth V6.5 engine and an electric propulsion system - with an ultra-light Rimac battery - that allows it to produce more than 1.000 horsepower. The transmission is seven-speed designed and manufactured by Ricardo to Red Bull Advanced Technologies specifications. 


Valkyrie refers to lesser female deities who lived on the battlefields choosing the bravest warriors to take to Valhalla to fight alongside Odin.

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With a 1: 1 power-to-weight ratio, the Valkyrie features a brake system provided by Alcon and Surface Transforms, who joined forces to create lightweight, high-performance brake pads and special carbon discs to deliver stopping power.

The Engine Control Unit (ECU), Transmission Control Unit (TCU) and Electronic Stability System (ESP) were developed by Bosch; while Wipac is responsible for the headlights and taillights.

A production of 150 units is planned, which will begin to be delivered in 2019. 25 additional competition versions are included. The price of the Aston Martin Valkyrie will be around 3.5 million euros.


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