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Audi AI traffic jam pilot: automated driving level 3

Audi AI traffic jam pilot

With the new Audi AI traffic jam pilot, which debuts in the A8 model, the brand with the four rings presents the world's first system that allows a SAE Level 3 Conditioned Automated Driving. Thanks to this system, the vehicle can take care of the tasks required by driving in dense motorway traffic situations at speeds of up to 60 km / h.  

The driving assistant AI traffic jam pilot can start from a standstill, accelerate, control the direction and brakes while keeping the vehicle within the lane. You can also handle situations such as vehicles getting in the way or changing lanes suddenly.

The signals required by the system for automated conditioned driving are obtained from the central controller of the assistance systems (zFAS) and from a redundant fusion of the data collected by the radar control unit.

Audi AI traffic jam pilot

If the Audi AI traffic jam pilot is activated, the driver can take his foot off the gas and take his hands off the wheel. However, you must remain alert and be able to resume driving when required by the system.

You do not need to monitor the car continuously, and you can focus on another activity than those offered by the vehicle's infotainment system, depending on the legal situation in each country. The Audi virtual cockpit provides a view of the vehicle from the rear and markings on the road that symbolize the movement and surroundings of the new A8.

While the Audi AI traffic jam pilot is activated, a camera checks if the driver is ready to regain control of the vehicle if necessary. To do this, it analyzes the position and movement of the head and eyes, in order to generate anonymous data. If the driver's eyes are closed for an extended period of time, for example, the system prompts the driver to take back the task of driving.

Audi AI traffic jam pilot

If the speed exceeds 60 km / h or the traffic begins to clear, the system informs the driver about the need to regain control of the vehicle. If the driver ignores the first warning and subsequent alerts, the A8 initiates an emergency braking maneuver until it comes to a complete stop in its lane.

Audi clarified that the introduction of the AI ​​traffic jam pilot requires both clarity regarding the legal parameters in each country, as well as specific tests and adaptation of the system. For these reasons, it will begin serial production of the system in the new A8 progressively, depending on the legal situation in force in each market.

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