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Audi Fit Driver: Improve Health and Safety While Driving

The German brand Audi is working on a project called Audi Fit Driver that aims to create a kind of digital interconnected data highway aimed at improving the health of the person behind the wheel to also increase their safety and, consequently, that of the rest of the world. road users. Audi Fit Driver will allow you to actively reduce stress and increase concentration while the driver is in the vehicle.

Today any Audi has the most advanced technology to provide maximum comfort and safety. But Christiane Stark, head of the Audi Fit Driver digital project, wants to go one step further: “The Audi Fit Driver project, on which we have been working for two years, aims for the vehicle to recognize the conditions of the driver and their state of mind, to react in the most appropriate way in each particular situation ”.

As a private place and networked space, a car is not the ideal place to monitor fitness levels, but it can actively improve the health and well-being of the driver. “The ultimate goal is for drivers to arrive at their destination in a more relaxed and healthy state than when they set out,” explains Stark.

Digital health and self-assessment are already part of the priorities of any age group and, thanks to the different smart devices that have become part of our daily lives, it is possible to take advantage of those continuous checks that technology and technology allow us apply them to the car.

The market for so-called wereables (wearable devices), such as osmartwatches fitness bracelets, is growing an annual average of more than 20%. In the initial phase of the Audi Fit Driver project, the car's sensors work together with these smart devices that we usually carry connected to the body, capable of monitoring vital parameters such as pulse or temperature, which will allow reliable health status checks driver, to which the vehicle can be individually adapted. Audi Fit Driver thus turns the vehicle into an empathetic helper who, thanks to intelligent algorithms that are adapted to specific cases, can in many situations know what the driver needs.

For example, if the Audi Fit Driver detects an increase in stress or fatigue, depending on the movements made with the steering wheel or driving behavior, the vehicle systems adapt to offer a kind of personalized therapy, with relaxation exercises and coherent breath control in a relaxing, revitalizing or protective way. “With Audi Fit Driver we integrate portable devices into the driver's condition recognition system even outside the vehicle, such as their physical condition or sleep quality,” explains Franz Mirlach, Head of Advanced Development for Online and Car-to- X. "And the system will improve the more it is used, because its learning will be greater."

Stress can be alleviated by means of a special breathing technique using instructions displayed on the Audi virtual cockpit screen, such as Bio-Feedback inputs (the rhythm of our breathing, the heartbeat and everything that is considered important for control relaxation), in a similar way to how they work in high-level sports.

Additionally, a voice through the loudspeakers can guide the driver throughout the exercise. It is also possible to use the massage functions of the seats, to the rhythm of the music, the climate control or an interior lighting adapted to the circumstances. The network connected inside the car automatically allows the different systems to self-regulate in order to create a driving experience that optimally adapts to the specific conditions of the driver, so that they can leave the vehicle at the destination feeling more relaxed than when he entered it.

In later phases, Audi Fit Driver could incorporate support and safety options, as well as future systems for automated driving. When detecting extreme situations, for example, a vehicle could initiate a piloted emergency stop and launch a call for assistance using the eCall system.

“The so-called biological data feedback is used very successfully in sport and in elite medicine,” explains Dr Ulrike Elsler, who has worked on the project since its inception as a consultant. The use of relaxation exercises has a positive influence on the autonomic nervous system and leaves the body in a state of balance that is good for performance and improves concentration. "This is why Audi Fit Driver not only helps reduce stress, but also makes the driver more resistant to falling into it," concludes Elsler.

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