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Audi Traffic Light: The answer to the green wave

With this assistant the cars are connected with the traffic lights to generate a constant movement that avoids unnecessary stops.

Audi go ahead with your "green Wave“, A project to connect their cars with the traffic lights of the cities and generate a constant movement that avoids unnecessary stops that increase fuel consumption.

It all started in 2016 in the United States in Las Vegas and continued on NY y Manhattan (it is available at more than 10.000 intersections in the northern country) and is now continuing with its implementation in Germany: it is already operational in Ingoldstat and is being implemented in Düsseldorf.

Audi Traffic Light: The answer to the green waveFor this it is necessary that the vehicle equip the assistant Audi Traffic Light Information, which allows drivers to know in advance when the traffic lights will turn green thanks to the V2I technology communication between vehicles and infrastructures.

The aforementioned assistant has two functions: indication of the optimal speed for green light (GLOSA: Green Light Optimized Speed ​​Advisory) and time left so that the traffic light turns green (Time-to-Green).

The GLOSA function calculates the ideal speed to obtain the so-called “green wave”, in such a way that if you drive at the recommended speed, the vehicle will reach the next traffic light in green and continue driving.

Audi Traffic Light: The answer to the green waveAccording to Audi, this will avoid unnecessary acceleration, reduce stress and lead to greater safety for all users on the same road.

The GLOSA function also may suggest gradually reduce speed about 250 meters before the traffic lights so that the driver and cars behind reach the intersection when the traffic light turns green, reducing inefficient stop-and-go traffic.

But if there has been no luck and, in the end, the light has turned red, the Time-To-Green shows us the remaining seconds before the traffic light reopens.

Audi Traffic Light: The answer to the green waveFor Audi, that time can be used by the driver to relax, take his foot off the gas and save fuel (in a pilot project, Audi recorded a 15% reduction in fuel consumption).

Audi has developed this technology together with Traffic Technology Service (TTS), with which you have created an analytical algorithm that calculates predictions from three sources.

The first is the traffic signal control program, the second comes from real-time data from the traffic computer, from a combination of traffic cameras, from detector lines on the road surface, from data on oncoming buses or trams and buttons that pedestrians push; and the third a historical data record.

The predictive algorithm continually improves itself and learns, for example, how the volume of access traffic to the city changes in the morning or when children leave kindergartens and schools.

Furthermore, the vehicles of the German manufacturer send anonymous data to an Audi server, which checks whether the actual intersections of the traffic lights correspond to the expected data.



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