Argentine motorsport, an industry without representatives

Drivers, teams, categories, inspectors, promoters. All together, but at the same time separated. Will it be time for the system to change? The analysis of Javier Ciabattari and Laureano Campanera.

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Since the pandemic of coronavirus has paralyzed the motorsport in Argentina it has been claimed that the activity it's an industry for the money it moves and the large number of people involved (it is said that there are more than 55.000 families that depend on the item). Nevertheless, Unlike other industrial sectors in the country, this discipline lacks someone to represent it and look after its interests, especially in critical times like this.

There is no Argentine Chamber of MotorsportsNor Unionized Argentine Pilots, which only involves runners as it happens with Unionized Argentine Soccer Players in soccer; or one Argentine Union of Team Owners, that represents the teams and trainers and that could be the equivalent of the Argentine Confederation of Medium Enterprises... There are only drivers, teams, categories, inspectors and promoters with the same objective, but different interests.

Javier Ciabattari"Motorsport is not a hobby motoring, it is part of the sports industry", sums it up Javier Ciabattari a "There are a good number of people who depend on motorsport, but they are all disunited"adds the engineer and owner of a team that runs in the Super TC2000 and in the TC2000 in which about twenty people work.

In this sense, Ciabattari emphasizes that the help that SMEs recently received from the State is good, but In the next step, a group that intercedes would be needed to get extra help because motorsport, like many other activities, would be the last to be reactivated.

“We (the teams) need someone to represent us, which is not the categories because their promoter defends the promoter's part and not that of the teams because they don't have to… They create a category and we are the ones who participate in it. If we don't like it, we stay and if we don't, we go. What is lacking is a union of the owners of competition teams, as the hoteliers have their camera or even the auto parts ”, he points.

Although it seems like a good proposal, Ciabattari doesn't think it can be crystallized. The reason? “Motorsport does not know the common good because competition leads you to compete on and off the track. And that disunity can lead to some teams disappearing ".

Super TC2000: Is the final technical change coming?The Santa Fe, who has been based in Córdoba for a long time, thinks that the pilots should also have an entity that represents them. "It is ridiculous that they are not linked to each other in a kind of union or in an association that fights for safety, good medical care and their own rights "He says.

It is worth remembering that years ago there were two entities who were born for the purpose that Cibattari supports, but they both lasted what a sigh. One was the Union of Autodromes, at the beginning of the 2000, that tried to obtain better conditions in the agreements with the categories; and the other was the Argentine Union of Pilots, which was born in 2007. The UA was dissolved for something basic, there was no union between the circuits. While the UAP encountered enormous opposition from the Road Tourism Corridors Association.

It first involved pilots who raced in the TC, but later they were added from other categories. Although he requested simple and coherent things, the ACTC cut his wings. Many of its members were blacklisted and forced to leave it.

“In any situation, the balance of forces is the best thing that can happen to you because they all work for the same place. Not necessarily a Chamber of Teams or Drivers has to be to fight with the organizers, on the contrary, between all of us, something much better can be achieved ”, Ciabattari muses.

Although, as the engineer says, the categories / promoters look out for their own interests, it is strange that, for example, the ACTC itself that groups the pilots of the category does not do so. At least that is clear from the words of Laureano Campanera, driver and owner of a team in the popular division.

Laucha Campanera
Laureano Campanera, together with Facundo Ardusso, in a solidarity event of the ACTC.

“I have a very good relationship with the ACTC and I have no major problems. Although I was always very frontal with them, they know that at the time I did it to add and I want the TC to be in the place it deserves "explained Laucha in an interview with WorldSport (Monday to Friday from 18 to 19 by AM 990).

Referring to the current situation caused by the pandemic and the need to lower costs, he said: "It is a fair time to pull the same side ... They are going to have to listen to all the owners because we are the ones with the investment in the category. It is time for the teams to sit down and pull together and that once and for all we are part of the decisions of the category ”.

And clarified: "I'm not talking about the organization of the races or where to go to compete because for that there are people who work and are perfect, but I do talk about the general coordination of how we are going to go out to race, in what way to attack certain items that make motor racing more expensive. … This is a totally atypical situation that has never been experienced, so I say that you have to open up and throw everyone to the same side ”.

Road TourismIn a clear reference to the sole proprietorship that has always characterized the teceísta entity, Campanera was forceful, although without giving names or delving into the subject. “You have to cut it off with the 'Here I command' sign because that doesn't exist anymore. We are in a modern world in which we are going to have to understand that those who succeed are those who work together ... What is the use of being the king of a country that has no inhabitants? You're welcome", he assured.

All this to join forces between all the parts involved in the Argentine motorsport is not something new. It comes from a long time, as it is even mentioned in this article. But to believe that this crisis will bring about that definitive and necessary union is, unfortunately, something utopian ...

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