The five cars that captivated Cobra Kai fans

Mercado Libre conducted a survey on the cars of the renowned series. What are the best models you can find on the platform?

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Cobra Kai it has become one of the most successful series in recent years. It has captivated fans of the movies of Karate Kid and awakened the interest of new generations by this iconic saga of the 80s. The series, which can be seen in Netflixhas a formula that instantly captures: karate, glam rock, eighties nostalgia and a passion for cars, which play a very important role in understanding the personality and evolution of the protagonists throughout the plot.

Some of these vehicles are for sale on the platform Free market, which surveyed the five incredible cars that have captivated fans of the series.


PontiacEach filtering bag Pontiac became an automotive icon in the 80s thanks to series of the time such as The fantastic car. Not for nothing, it is the first to appear in the series, as it is the car with which the protagonist will begin his journey to bring back the glorious years of Cobra Kai. This model is equipped with a V8 engine and is ready to race on the road at the pace of WhitesnakeValue: USD 40.000


AudiYears after winning the All Valley championship, “Daniel-San” becomes the owner of his own car dealership, which has allowed him to become his favorite models throughout the series. However, it is evident his taste for the Audi S7, which perfectly reflects his new role as a successful father and businessman, as this sedan is ideal for a family trip in style. Value: USD 73.000


BMWAlthough he shares many things with his father, such as his personality and taste for cars and karate, Samantha larusso he finds himself looking for his own identity throughout the series, something that reflects very well when he is seen driving his BMW Serie 4 convertible through the streets of "El Valle". Value: USD 69.990


DodgePerhaps the most iconic car in the series is the Dodge Challenger, which was a gift from Daniel LaRusso to Johnny as a symbol of peace between the two main dojos in the city. The car was completely transformed with the cobra kai colors to give him an aggressive and totally sporty look, reflecting the fearless personality of Sensei Lawrence. This classic coupe is equipped with a V8 engine, making it the best combination of power and style for hitting the streets. Value: USD 85.000


Jeep Wrangler Rubicon It is the car of the young people of the series, who move with a lot of style. In Mercado Libre there are more than 30 models, new and used, ready for an adventure outside the city. Values ​​from USD 40.000

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