Cars, motorcycles, grinders, but ... what would wine be without Peugeot?


Everybody knows Peugeot for being one of the oldest automobile brands. Also for its innovative scooters and famous grinders. But what very few know is that it is also one of the most prominent wine companies. Electric and manual corkscrews, decanters for all types of wines, bottle holders, anti-drip systems, special caps, vacuum pumps, multipurpose knives, temperature preservatives, testers and glasses are some of the Peugeot Saveurs line. Take a look at some of their most outstanding products ...

CLEF DU VIN TRAVEL: It allows to know the aging potential of the wines. The "Clef du Vin" works by successive steeping in the wine. Every second of contact produces the equivalent of one year of aging. .

EPIVAC DOUBLE FUNCTION PUMP: It is a double function pump. The WINE function extracts the air from the bottle for an ideal conservation for several days. The CHAMPAGNE function blows air into the bottle so that the champagne or cava will retain its bubbles for several days.

PITCHER FOR WINE RESEDA: On the table, it amazes. Its clean lines seem to defy the laws of gravity, while its beveled base ensures perfect stability. The Reseda carafe, made of polished glass, has a beautiful ventilation surface, and allows service thanks to an optimal grip. It has an anti-drip collar.


ELECTRIC CORKSCREW ELIS: Practical, powerful and reliable, it allows effortless extraction of all types of corks in a few seconds. Its motor works with rechargeable batteries and is made of stainless steel and polycarbonate.

BALTAZ LEVER CORKSCREW: It has an ingenious mechanism to extract the cork from the bottle in a simple way thanks to the arms that firmly hold the bottle. It adapts to any type of bottleneck.


WHITE OR RED WINE DECANTER OSYRIS: The Osyris decanter adds an aerator / oxygenator that allows a white or red wine to be decanted very delicately. The wine is poured through the central channel of the aerator and enters the decanter in a slow and fine way. This prevents too strong oxygenation.

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