How to cancel the TelePASE?

This device that speeds up the passage through the highways must be canceled in the event of the sale of the vehicle.

No more delays, no more wasted time. That proposes the TelePASE, an electronic device that attaches to the windshield of vehicles and allows you to cross highway tolls at low speed without the need to stop or use cash. The payment of the service is made later through the credit card by automatic debit or even by a prepaid virtual wallet according to the consumption made.

TelepaseIn Argentina, this device, which consists of an electronic wafer with a built-in chip, can be used on those routes and highways concessioned by Western Highways, Autopistas del Sol, Buenos Aires highways (AUBASA), Urban Highways (AUSA), Cemase, Roads of the Sierras, Paths of the Uruguay River, AP-01 y Road Corridors.

Only in the highways that cross the City of Buenos Aires, such as May 25 and Dr. Arturo Umberto Illia (AV1 North), the TelePASE is mandatory. If it is not attached, it should be pay at the moment and in cash double the rate in accordance with decree 18/2021.

Adherence is easy, it is only enough to enter its official site of the service (, upload the requested data and agree to its withdrawal, which can be at a delivery point or directly receive it by mail.

On the other hand, the withdrawal must be managed through each concessionaire. This is necessary before the vehicle sale since canceling the subscription prevents the service from being used by another person. To unsubscribe AUBASA TelePASEFor example, you can send an email, call your 0800 or enter a specific form that must be completed with the owner's data and those of the vehicle itself.

TelepaseThe advantages of TelePASE are several such as the use of a single device for the entire network, a differential rate that allows you to pay less than manually on the main highways of the country and, mainly, improve travel times by not having to make the payment manually.

Billing is monthly and, together with the details of the passes of each highway, will be available on the concessionaires' website to be consulted and downloaded.

For its correct use, certain precautions must be taken: The device must be attached to the inside of the vehicle's windshield, you should only advance with the green traffic light, the maximum driving speed is 20 km / h (on motorcycles, 10 km / h) and you must respect a distance of 20 meters between vehicles.

An important fact if for any reason the windshield must be changed: the device should not be reinstalled on the new windshield as it does not function properly once detached. For its replacement it is necessary to resort to the service attention center.

Some special windshields, such as armored or heated or plotted, require placement of the device in specific sectors. In this case, the vehicle manual should be consulted and any of the Service Centers should be contacted for advice.



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