Batteries: How to know their status?

As well as tires, which have acronyms and numbers that indicate their size and use, batteries have their corresponding specifications. What should we pay attention to.

La car or motorcycle battery It is one of those parts that you only pay attention to when it stops working, which may be too late. The periodic check and control allows you to know if it is working correctly, prolong its useful life and avoid unnecessary expenses.

BatteryUsually mounted out of sight, batteries are fitted with important information and to which it is convenient to pay attention. Manufacturers brand their equipment with special encodings and all differently, which makes a person cannot check the date of manufacture with the naked eye. This is one of the relevant reasons why it is suggested to change the battery in specialized places, which provide a guarantee, and where there is a high turnover.

In this way, the purchase of an “old” battery or in stock for more than six months is avoided, something that damages the equipment beyond it being new. On the other hand, batteries contain sulfuric acid which is highly corrosive, and if they were in stock, they will discharge and their useful life will be considerably reduced.

Not a minor aspect has to do with the arrangement of the terminals, which depends on the vehicle manufacturer; The place and type of terminals may differ, being inverted and with the wiring section adjusted to certain types of accumulators, so it can be ensured that you cannot replace one battery with any other without paying attention to this detail.

Battery"Another recommendation that we always give our customers is that the actual amperage of the battery be controlled and not the commercial name, because there may be important differences", notes Luz Valbuena, marketing manager of Acubat, a battery specialist that offers free checks at all its branches.

The "little windows" witness u viewing eye, which many have at the top, indicate their status. The greenFor example, it indicates that the battery is fully charged; the Color black, low battery; transparent tonality, the battery has insufficient electrolyte level.

But be careful, the viewing eye only measures one of the cells, which would be located below it (a 12v battery has 6 cells), so it is important to measure the battery with a digital tester. As a conclusion we can say that the battery charge indicator is reliable, but we cannot neglect its review for this fact alone.




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