Battery alert: the cold arrives and the fear of starting

The restrictions once again make cars remain with less use. And as in the quarantine of 2020, the maximum fear arrives: many take care of starting it, but with the arrival of the cold, the replacement will be inevitable.

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Because of the pandemic caused by the Covid-19, several vehicles were forced to be parked and unused. The battery was the spare part that multiplied its sales and that it experienced a real boom due to the large number of individuals who discovered that, from one day to the next, their car did not start even when they had started it weekly in a preventive way.

BatteryAt Acubat, a company specialized in the replacement of this spare part, with 25 years of experience in the national market and six branches in the City and Province of Buenos Aires, announced a growth of 50% during 2020.

With this scenario, they conducted a recent poll on their networks, on the use of batteries in millennials, taking a sample of 250 people, made up of 64% residents of CABA and GBA and 36% of the interior.

Among the first data, 58% confirmed that they purchase batteries in person instead of doing it in an online store and that prefer to go to a local instead of having it changed at home; 7 out of 10 people do not plan to have their battery checked before the cold weather arrives. The Etrian rank of the respondents was in 75% under 25 years.

"The battery is an element that is not paid attention until, without prior notice, it stops working", notes Luz Valbuena, Acubat Marketing Manager. “What happens is that in cases like quarantine, it is not enough to start our car once a week for 10 minutes. What is suggested to keep the battery in optimal charge is that the vehicle is operated between three and four times a week, for at least 20 minutes ”, affirms the executive.

BatteryMeanwhile, Argentines seem to like “do it yourself”, and feel capable of maintaining and / or replacing the battery of a vehicle with their own hands: 69% said they would be encouraged to change the battery alone, without the help of a specialist. Although the traditional place seems to continue to be a battery store: 83% chose to do it in a store while 17% with home delivery.

 "The batteries have a series of witnesses that allow us to know their status, in any case what we suggest is to carry out a check with the appropriate equipment to find out if there is any fault or if it is being charged accordingly. Otherwise it is very difficult to anticipate when it will stop working ”, Valbuena warns.

What is the approximate life of a battery? Depending on the use, a car battery it can run about 60.000 km or between two and a half and three years, The thing that happens first.

“The choice of the battery should be seen as an investment because it is a component that will not be changed again for a long time but which is required daily, at all times. That is why it is important to choose one of a recognized brand and placed by a professional, which will ensure its after-sales guarantee and the possibility of free checks ”, the executive ends.


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