The Emoji jacket that allows communication between cyclists and motorists

It was developed by Ford as part of its Share The Road campaign.

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It has never been so easy to get on a bike in a city like today. This is because governments promote its use in different ways to achieve less congestion in metropolises and cleaner air. But something that is difficult is communication between drivers and cyclists because on two wheels it is difficult to take your hands off the handlebars to indicate changes of direction or to express gratitude, to name just two examples.

EmojiHowever, thanks to an initiative of Ford as part of your campaign Share The Road that communication could be possible in a very short time. How? Through a jacket Emoji, which is designed for cyclists to show motorists what maneuvers they are going to perform and how they feel.

The jacket, which for now is a prototype that is not for sale, has a LED mesh panel on his back that can display three emojis, arrows and a danger sign. Each of these indications can be activated by the rider with a wireless remote control mounted on the handlebar of the bicycle.

Emoji“We now live - and drive - in a world where communication is crucial. But all too often among drivers and cyclists this comes down to the sound of a horn or a rude gesture. Riders generally have to take one hand off the handlebars to communicate. The Emoji jacket uses a universally understood means of communication to show a way to relieve tension "Said Emmanuel Lubrani, in charge of Ford of Europe's Share The Road program.

"Emojis have become a fundamental part of how we use language. Either to express facial expressions, humor or sarcasm. They have become an integral part of our ability to express ourselves and to express ourselves quickly. This jacket allows drivers to express their feelings and creates an important emotional bond between them and other road users. "added the Dr. Neil Cohn, assistant professor in the Department of Communication and Cognition at the University of Tilburg, the Netherlands.

Since their inception more than 20 years ago, emojis have been described as the first language born of the digital world and, according to the first "Emoji Trend Report", most people are more comfortable expressing their emotions through emojis than with a phone call.

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