Chase Carey: The reasons he will go down in Formula 1 history

The Irishman was not only the person who replaced the legendary Bernie Ecclestone ...

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If you compare the 38 years that the English Bernie Ecclestone was in front of the F1 with the four seasons that Chase carey was the top boss of the category one could suppose that there is little to highlight of the management of the Irishman, that to start from 2021 will be replaced by Italian Stefano Domenicali. However, in that short period of time he accomplished things that were really important for the future of the specialty.

Carey secured a place in the history of F.1 as the person who replaced Ecclestone himself, but under his tenure he took the Maximum to another level as to justify the 4.000 million what invested Liberty Media in 2016 to buy the division from the former team-manager.

Through Carey, the F.1 gradually changed to be in tune with today's world.. Is for this that I know modified the legendary logo for a more modern one, it is also began to give relevance to social networks, increasing the communities of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, UAF YouTube and to Twitch, to reach more people and attract a young audience, something that Bernie never considered.

Chase careyIt also gave transmissions a twist. Not only did he maintain the commercialization of the rights to different chains, but also created own sign to sell their service directly to fans through an interesting streaming platform that was dubbed F1 TV.

In this constant search to bring a massive audience to the World Cup, a deal was made with Netflix to produce a series based on the backstage of the championship. Drive to survive had so much success that Mercedes y Ferrari, who gave up participating in the first season; they arranged their incorporation for the second, which was also a success.

Carey also negotiated deals for the championship to go to new scenariosAs Vietnam, ; and return to historical places, like Zandvoort in the Netherlands. Achieved strategic alliances such as with Amazon Web Services to collect data and statistics that result in better information for viewers.

And by the hand of Carey a consensus was reached technical regulation for 2022 that promises greater parity to offer better shows and even a more equitable distribution of profits for all teams through the new Pact of Concord.

As if that were not enough, under its orbit F.1 stoically faced the complicated 2020 marked by the coronavirus pandemic. That not only included quick negotiations with new scenarios to compensate for the different cancellations caused by the COVID-19, but also helped the teams to ease the financial crisis derived from this situation by anticipating future benefits. Ah! And he even contributed a million dollars out of his own pocket for the initial funding of the campaign. #WeRaceAsOne, which aims to improve diversity and inclusion in the specialty and motorsport in general.

Chase Carey, that man with the prominent English mustache, was commissioned to give the F.1 a very different business profile from the time of Ecclestone, when everything passed through his hands. Enough to say a few years, but good.

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