What should I check before starting my motorcycle?

Tips to take care of your motorcycle and have it ready for any ride or to travel to your work.

In autumn, go for a motorcycle ride causes enormous satisfaction. With less extreme temperatures and several months before the winter cold begins, it is the ideal time to take your motorcycle out. However, we must not neglect the attention that the engine needs, especially if a long time has passed without starting it.

150cc motorcycleOn the other hand, in the context of a pandemic, motorcycles were positioned as the transport of choice to move as they prevent contact and spread of the COVID-19. In this case, we should not neglect its condition because even under normal conditions, the traffic of large cities damages the performance of the impeller and can affect performance, fuel efficiency and useful life.

In both cases, it is important to note that the temperature changes caused by the seasons of the year can affect the performance of the engine. Given these conditions, it is important to carry out a preventive inspection of the vehicle.


Peugeot Motorcycles

  • El cover status. A flat or flat tire can cause an accident. Therefore, it is important to check and control that they do not have wear below what is allowed.
  • La fuel tank check. Let us remember the reduced autonomy of motorcycles compared to a vehicle. It is recommended that the tank contain, on average, 15 liters of fuel.
  • Check that the rear view mirrors are correctly positioned. It is very important to be able to see what is happening around you and behind you.
  • In case of driving during strong rains or extreme floors, grease the chain.
  • When starting the motorcycle, the ideal is start it up and wait a few seconds before going out to achieve the lubricity of the engine parts.
  • make a lubricant check through the oil pan sight glass. In this way we protect the engine against high temperatures.


Motorcycle stress causes lubricant thinning, due to the high shear stress, causing a reduction in the motorcycle's responsiveness.

It is clear that the function of the lubricant is to cool the engine to avoid overheating, but what other functions does it have?

  • Protect engine parts with detergent and dispersant additives.
  • Maintain viscosity for a longer time than established by the manufacturer's manual.
  • Fluency at low temperature.
  • Antifoam, antirust.

It is important to know and choose the right lubricant for your motorcycle. To do this, we must take into account the viscosity and lubricants suggested by the terminal, since each motor may require different viscosities. It is also important to comply with the quality standards and certifications that ensure the effectiveness of the lubricant for engine care.

SprintFor a lubricant to meet current requirements, it is not enough that it only certify the quality in autarkic entities such as American Petroleum Institute (Celery Japanese Automotive Standards Organization (JASO). In addition, it must be complemented by the environmental requirements of different countries.

In this sense, a motorcycle lubricant must incorporate cutting-edge technology. Such is the case of Petronas sprinta with technology UltraFlex, an exclusive formula with more resistant molecules that increases the stability of the lubricant so that it can withstand the damaging effects of the demands of the motorcycle so that it continues to operate smoothly, quietly and at its maximum capacity. In this way it reduces the problems caused by severe use, supports stress and thus prolongs its useful life.



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