Citroën GS Break: The station wagon that marked an era

This variant of the GS was manufactured until the end of 1986. The production was 2.500.000 units.

When, in August 1970, trade journalists discovered the new Citroën GS in the landscapes of the Camargue, the French region chosen for the presentation, they were surprised by the great amount of novelties that it incorporated. It was a model that democratized the air suspension, offering it for the first time in a mid-segment car and also offering Disc brakes on all four wheels, a exceptional habitability for five people, a big trunk y an aerodynamic and very luminous bodywork thanks to its large glazed surfaces.

Citroën GS BreakFor its exceptional qualities, the GS was instantly named "Car of the Year 1971”A prestigious recognition from the press followed by great commercial success.

One of the characteristics of the model was its trunk, which, despite being very spacious, had access through a door in the lower rear, very small in relation to the space available in the trunk itself. It was not a design error but rather the choice of the brand to make a two-volume type body compatible with the fact of preventing the luggage from getting wet if, at the time of loading the car, it was raining

Citroën GS Break

After the GS Saloon, launched in August 1970, the arrival of a more functional model was planned: the GS Break. The tradition of Citroën breaks was a long history of experience and knowledge of this type of bodywork. Since the time of Traction, every large Citroën had a station wagon variant (called Break), a model that offered a greater interior volume designed to satisfy the demands of all types of customers. So it had been in the case of DS and so it would be on the GS (and soon after, also on the CX).

The Break variants of the Citroën models also existed in smaller models, such as the AMI (AMI6, AMI8 and AMI Super), the “commercial” version of the 2CV, and even the Mehari, whose two-seater version offered a large cargo space.

Citroën GS BreakIn the case of the GS it was only a matter of time and the truth is that the waiting period was really short: in July 1971 the GS Break range arrived, articulated in 5-door (Break) and 3-door (Service) versions. The latter was a commercial version, designed for the transport of goods and was available both with the fully glazed side in the variant called Vitrée (with a single glass that went from the rear pillar of the door to the end of the car) or with the side completely made of sheet metal, in the version called Tolée.

The success also in this case was immediate and very remarkable. The range of colors was wide, the interiors were reminiscent of the "space age" and the car had original details like the curve of the rear window that "folded" to reach the rear of the roof, just as the DS or SM had done before.

Citroën GS BreakCitroën knew the subject and thanks to its long experience it knew what to do to develop very advanced cars that seemed to never age. In the case of the GS, the whole family received a profound redesign in 1979 when, ten years after launch, the GS became GSA (GS Améliorée, improved), equipped, in the saloon version, with a wide tailgate that clearly increased functionality.

The success of this model series can be easily measured in the number of units manufactured: almost 2.500.000 Of units (including GS and GSA in all their versions) until 1986.



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