Citroën MEP X27: The Double Chevron monoposto

In the early '70s the French brand created this monoposto to bring Formula Bleue to life.

When talking about the participations of Citroën In motor sport it is inevitable to associate the Double Chevron brand with the World rally, although it has also stood out in the extinct World Tourism and at the rally Dakar Rally. But cars with a roof were not always within its sports policy. In the 1970s, their presence on the slopes was in the form of a monoposto.

Citroën MEP X27The car that gave shape to a single brand sponsored by Citroën was the MEP X27, the only vehicle of this type created by the French automaker in its history. The basis of this car was the MEP X1, another that had been devised by the aeronautical engineer Maurice Emile Pezous.

This vehicle, created in the mid-60s, was followed by another development called X2, which had an engine of origin Panhard 850 cm3 and which allowed a final velocity of 190 km / h.

Building on the success achieved with the X1 and X2, Pezous convinced Citroën to create its own division: the Bleue formula, audited by the French Automobile Federation (FFSA) and that had the support of Michelin y Total.

The promotional division, which had its first tournament in 1969, was a success as it had low-cost cars, well-prepared production engines and very interesting economic prizes.

Citroën MEP X27For 1971, Formula Bleue had an important technical change: the incorporation of the MEP X27 chassis, developed and built entirely by Citroen. The MEP X27 was based on the engine-gearbox assembly of the Citroën GS, weighed 392 kilograms and reached a top speed of 200 km / h.

But Formula Bleue was not on the track for long as in 1975 Citroën decided to cancel it due to a deep financial crisis.

In just four years the company manufactured 80 chassis MEP X27, many of which still exist today and are rare collectibles.


  • 1969: Roger Dubos (MEP X2)
  • 1970: Alain Couderc (MEP X2)
  • 1971: Hervé Labedan (MEP X2)
  • 1972: Philippe Bochet (MEP X27)
  • 1973: Jean-Pierre Maillard (MEP X27)
  • 1974: Patrick Piget (MEP X27)
  • 1975: Philippe Jaffrennou (MEP X27)



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