The keys to the 2021 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix

It was an exciting race marked by an interruption by a red flag displayed at 34 laps by an accident.

El Grand Prix of Emilia Romagna, which was held on the Italian circuit of Imola, it had different seasonings. From the rain to a red flag, which made the second part of the competition a true 29-lap sprint. Neither one thing nor the other prevented the consecration of the Dutch Max Verstappen (Red Bull), who thus demonstrated their firm intention to win the Formula 1 title.

The rain that fell before the start forced almost all the drivers to start with intermediate tires de Pirelli. Only four opted for the Pirelli Cinturato Blue for rain.

Emilia Romagna Grand Prix 2021
Photo: Mark Sutton / LAT Images.

In this first leg of the competition the safety car appeared twice, in both cases at times when the asphalt was practically dry. During their second caution, most runners took the opportunity to switch to rubbers slicks. The almost unanimous choice was the Pirelli P Zero mediumExcept Haas, who has opted for the Pirelli P Zero soft.

Teams had to hastily adapt to intermediates and water tires, guessing at different crossover points on the fly.

Verstappen secured the lead in the first corner after beating the Englishman Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes), who started from pole position. The Dutchman only gave up first place when he entered to make his pit stop. He stayed in the lead until facing the restart by Red flag on a medium tire and then kept his lead until the end.

George Russell GP of Emilia RomagnaThe disruption was caused by the incident between the Finnish Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) and English George Russell (Williams), which underlines the difficulties posed by the narrow circuit of Imola. This divided the race into two halves, making it even more unpredictable due to the cold weather.

After the hiatus forced by the red flag, many riders have kept the medium slick tire, which provided a perfect balance between performance and durability. However, some runners - including English Lando Norris (McLaren), third-placed final - have opted to switch to soft compound at the restart, an option that has performed perfectly in the final stint of a memorable event.

Pit Stop
The pit stops at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix.

Hamilton finished second after an exceptional comeback, despite facing the restart with a lost lap due to an exit from the track. What's more, secured the extra point for the fastest lap and that allowed him to stay ahead of the tournament by a single point ahead of Verstappen.

The mix of rain, safety cars and red flags has made strategy an exercise in adaptation and rapid reaction to circumstances. Most runners chose a common plan: start with intermediate compounds and switch to the media before the red flag to reach the flag with them.


HARD C2: It was not used on Sunday as a consequence of the cold environmental conditions (13ºC in the environment and 18ºC on the asphalt), which did not benefit this compound.

TiresMEDIUM C3: The most used tire of the race, becoming the preferred change after the stint with intermediate. Most of the riders, including the winner, Max Verstappen, have used them without problems for almost half a race.

SOFT C4: Choice of four Top 10 occupants at restart, a list that includes the two McLaren, who have shown great management of their useful life. This compound held up the final stage of the race quite well, allowing Norris to complete a 29-lap stint to reach the podium.

INTERMEDIATE: Choice of the majority of drivers for the start, it has adapted quite well to asphalt conditions that gradually dried up until the crossover point. Many of the runners have completed up to 28 laps on this compound.

RAIN: Chosen by just four riders at the start, including Pierre Gasly (AlphaTauri). The Frenchman has held on to them more than anyone else (14 laps) before switching to intermediates.



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