How to make the most of the trunk of our vehicle

Tips for properly organizing luggage to ensure better vehicle dynamics.

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El trunk is a space highly valued by consumers, since consider your usual type of cargo when choosing your ideal car. Referring to the models of “Hatch” or SUV bodywork, generally offer the versatility of a mobile cover with folding rear seats. For their part, sedans are attractive because they offer a insulated cargo compartment with very generous proportions.

“We see that the customer highly values ​​the use of the luggage space. For this reason, in Chevrolet models, the trunk is designed based on the type of luggage that the target audience of the vehicle in question usually carries ”, explains Alex Santos, Integration Engineer GM South America.

Chevrolet onixThe relationship between height, width and depth of a cargo space or trunk determines if the space is suitable to accommodate suitcases of different sizes, a baby stroller or even a bicycle.

When organizing a trunk, the ideal is to place the heaviest loads on the base and distributing them on the axis of the rear wheels, thus ensuring better vehicle dynamics by preventing the front of the vehicle, and therefore its optics, from rising.

If the loads are of similar density, it is preferable to accommodate those with greater volume first and then place smaller objects. The total weight, which involves adding passengers and their luggage, cannot exceed the maximum recommended by the manufacturer for the car.

In the trunk, some Chevrolet models offer hooks for hanging bags, adjustable floor height and tool holder, features that facilitate the user's daily life. Among other original accessories that can be offered to optimize the organization of the load, the organizer bag, storage net and the waterproof mat stand out.


Chevrolet trunkThe metric used to define the space of a cargo space or trunk is its volumetric capacity. The measurement uses a method widely used in the market, which is the VDA system. It consists of introducing into the space as many parallelepiped-shaped blocks equivalent to one liter of volume as possible.

The maximum number of blocks that the trunk can accept will determine the extent of its capacity., which means that spaces that are not very regular or with plenty of nooks will be penalized and those with more usable volume will be given greater value. It allows optimizing the distribution of blocks according to the ISO 3832.

The measurement is done virtually and then there is a physical validation, and the arrangement of the blocks in the measurement cannot interfere with the opening and closing process of the trunk lid, or the standard position of the mobile cover in the case of a hatch. ”Or an SUV, for example.

In New Onix, for example, you could enter 303 blocks of a liter in the trunk of a "hatch" version of the model, while in the sedan version, this capacity was raised to 500 blocks.

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