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How to change your car's oil in 6 steps

The oil change is one of the most important things to maintain for the well-being of the car. It is common knowledge that between the 5.000 to 10.000 km traveled, the oil and filters must be changed.

Renewing the oil not only helps the performance of the engine, but also allows it to run smoother and even last longer. In this sense, Gulf Oil explains how to change the lubricant of your vehicle yourself in just 6 easy steps:

  1. Proper motor temperature: The vehicle needs to cool down if it was recently used, as the oil is usually hot.
  1. Prepare the vehicle for the change: The car must be raised in order to make the change.
  1. Locate the oil drain plug or also called the crankcase screw: It is necessary to look at the vehicle manual to identify where the plug is located, as the location varies depending on the car model. We recommend that you place an oil collector just below because once it is opened, it begins to drain. 
  1. Change the oil filter: On the hood, locate the filter inlet in the manual. Then take the new filter and lubricate the rubber seal with a thin layer of oil to protect it. 
  1. Fill with new oil: The reservoir on the top of the engine must be filled with the new lubricant using a funnel. It is necessary to have the oil gauge or dipstick to check the level and know when it is enough. 
  1. Check plugs: It is important to ensure that all caps are closed and that there is no debris dripping under the vehicle.

As a recommendation, the expert technicians of Gulf Oil mention that since the used oil is extremely toxic for the environment, you should take it to a service center for recycling, and do not forget to have the dustpan under the car, once the waste will come out. However, the company indicates that if you do not have all the necessary care and elements, you should turn to a professional.


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