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How to choose the best lubricant for your motorcycle?

How to choose the best lubricant for your motorcycle?Silkolene, the world's leading brand of oils and lubricants for high performance motorcycles, gives talks throughout the country about oil and its influence on engine performance and durability. These meetings summon mechanics, businesses and pilots, who take the Engineer's recommendations Pablo Agostini, lubrication specialist, for better care of your vehicle.

According to Agostini, the lubricant for an engine is like blood for the body: without it it does not work, and its quality, purity and cleanliness will largely depend on the useful life in years of the engine. “Let's imagine for a moment that we could choose the quality and origin of the blood our children are going to be born with: which one would we place? Of course, the best possible. We must think the same when changing the oil in our motorcycle ”, explains the specialist.

Each type of motorcycle has an engine specifically chosen, designed and adapted for the use of that motorcycle. As not all motorcycles are used for the same, the engine needs a special "blood" depending on its race. “At Silkolene they have known this from the beginning, that's why they designed a type of lubricant for each type of motorcycle: Cross, Enduro, Street, Track, QUAD, Scooter, etc. to obtain the best performance from each type of engine ”, relata Agostini.

The main recommendations regarding oil care are: respecting the viscosity and minimally the quality (mineral, semi-synthetic, synthetic, etc.) of the lubricant that its manufacturer recommends in the motorcycle user manual; and use the lubricant for the number of kilometers or hours, according to the chosen quality. This will ensure that the engine is protected from high operating temperatures, minimize internal piston and gearbox wear, and allow long service life.

In turn, during the talks, Pablo offers some suggestions to take into account when undertaking the much-needed oil change:

  • Always use hermetically packaged lubricants at source. The oil filter must be new or clean and it is necessary to ensure a correct final disposal of the used oil and contaminated elements.

  • Use the correct tools and be aware of the correct procedure for draining and refilling your engine oilAs well as the volume that it must carry, placing more or less could be very harmful to your engine. If you do not have the experience or the appropriate elements for this task, we suggest you go to a specialized motorcycle service workshop that can provide you with the lubricant change service.

  • It is very important that the lubricant you choose complies with the JASO standard requested by the manufacturer of your motorcycle's engine, since the good performance of your clutch (that does not slip), and of the gearbox will depend on this. To find out if a lubricant is approved by JASO, you can check if its name appears on the official listing of the standard. 



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