How was the arrival of Grupo Clarín to motorsport?

We travel back in time to 2007 when the newspaper holding company disbursed more than ten million dollars to buy the TC2000 and Carburando.

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In the early years of the XNUMXst century, Argentine motorsport starred in a tremendous explosion that could be seen in the numerous park of the main categories. Not even the 2001 crisis stopped that growth which included the creation of new teams, the appearance of new pilots and the arrival of a lot of sponsors, from SMEs to multinationals.

The popularity of the activity and, above all, the large figures that were handled around it motivated large companies, such as the Clarín Group, they would like to be part of the business.

SuperTC2000At the end of 2007 the media holding bought 51 percent of the TC 2000 share package, a division backed by terminals. The buying process was slow. The operation was blocked by a series of legal problems that had Sports Cars 2000 (AD 2000), the entity that organizes the category tournament and was made up of pilots and owners of structures.

Only when both parties reached an agreement, Clarín made the purchase effective through its subsidiary Investor of Events SA (IESA) by 1,5 million. This was not the only purchase option that AD 2000 analyzed since at the end of 2006 it had also engaged in talks with the CIE Group Mexico.

“We had several interested parties who wanted to be part of TC 2000 and that is a source of pride. Motorsports is an entertainment business and the TC 2000 is an important part of that business. "he said at the time Pablo Peon, then president of AD 2000, when it came to light that there were several interested in buying the category

But this was not the only purchase that Clarín made related to motorsports. Shortly after placing 20 percent of its capital in the Stock Exchange, acquired 51 percent of the shares of the producer Carburando, which at that time televised through the Channel 13 screen the races of Road Tourism, CT 2000, Top Race y National tourism.

Again IESA was in charge of closing the deal, which in this case was for 9,4 million. The transaction included two other partnerships: World Show SA y World Show TV, dedicated to the sale of advertising and event organization, respectively.

“Inversora de Eventos SA became a shareholder in the Carburando company, specialized in television and radio broadcasts of sports car racing. Its incorporation is a contribution of relevant significance since it will serve as a platform for the launch of the company in new developments, mainly in the international area, a market that presents the association with broad development prospects "Carburando highlighted in an article published on its website.

"In addition, in the national order, it will serve to promote businesses related to the aforementioned sporting activity, consolidating a strategic alliance within a company that has been active in the environment for 48 years ", Agregó.

Carburando's idea was to inform public opinion that the agreement with Clarín would be a "Benefit of motorsport" and not a mere commercial operation. With this he tried to avoid some "assumptions", such as that from that moment on there would be some favoritism towards the TC2000, something that over time became evident.

Time witnessed the objectives being met while it was Pablo Peon in charge of the entire organization. After his departure at the end of 2015, he lost his way, as reflected by the departure of teams, terminals and sponsors. This situation caused discomfort among several equipment owners that was made public a few days ago when a harsh letter that they sent to executives of Grupo Clarín was leaked.

After what happened, the teams and those responsible for AutoSports, the company that today manages the category and Carburando, joined criteria in a meeting and the parties promised to work to return to the path of success, the one that Clarín once promised to achieve.


Almost at the same time that IESA took over TC2000 and Carburando, the production company Southern ideas de Marcelo tinelli -in which Grupo Clarín had a stake- took over the marketing of the Road Tourism

Through IDS Sports, the business unit linked to sports, Tinelli took control of the marketing and part of the marketing of the popular category. The contract was signed on February 6, 2008 and became official during the first date of the tournament that year of the popular category in Mar de Ajó.

“We have been talking with Tinelli for a long time to do something together. The commercial agreement with Tinelli includes everything except what is seen online from television cameras. IDS will have the commercial rights of the TC, will be in charge of selling the category, making contacts with new companies and generating new business ", he claimed Oscar Aventin, then president of the ACTC.

The signed agreement was for two years with an option for another two, but it was not renewed because the business was not as attractive as thought.

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  1. Clarin (with the collaboration of Peon and others, including the ACA) destroyed the TC2000 and also Carburando. Failure is in sight.

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