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How is virtual reality applied in the manufacture of a car?

How is virtual reality applied in the manufacture of a car?

The world of videogames gave the impetus to virtual reality in the 80s and more and more sectors use this technology. Such is the case in the automotive industry. 3D has revolutionized the way cars are created and developed in recent decades, but how are these new tools applied in the manufacture of a car? Let's see…

DESIGNERS WITH FULL HD GLASSES: Allow them immerse yourself in a driving experience similar to what the future customer will have. Although the design of a car always begins with pencil and paper, it lives with 3D. Thanks to this technology, designers can not only assess purely creative aspects, but also other more functional ones, which allows guaranteeing 90% of the viability of their project in a very initial phase.

How is virtual reality applied in the manufacture of a car?

3D SIMULATIONS BY MODEL: Virtual reality plays a very important role throughout the development phase. Among other tests, virtual collision tests are done so that future cars are more and more safe. During the approximately three and a half years of development of a vehicle, up to three million elements are analyzed using simulations, a figure that was limited to 5.000 30 years ago.


30% REDUCTION OF PROTOTYPE PRODUCTION TIME: This technology has allowed halve the number of prototypes that have to be manufactured physically before launching a model. It also manages to reduce its production time by 30%. Unlike a few decades ago, the latest tools now allow improvements and decisions to be made much faster.

How is virtual reality applied in the manufacture of a car?

IMMERSION IN THE VIRTUAL FACTORY: Virtual technologies also allow an immersive experience to reproduce the real world. In this line, from the Development Prototype Centers (CPD), thanks to the 3D glasses and some controls, the movements made by the operators on the assembly line are imitated. Thus, working time is optimized and ergonomics are improved.

THE DEALERS OF THE FUTURE: The choice of a car "catalog in hand" will soon go down in history. Thanks to virtual reality, the customer can configure the finish and color of the vehicle and see the result thanks to 3D glasses. And not only this, but you can also experience the driving experience virtually at dealerships.



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