Guide to Checking Tire Wear

To make a safe trip, you must always pay attention to the condition of the tires, which can wear out for different reasons.

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It is important to be attentive to tire tread in order to prevent future vehicle failures and ensure safety on every trip. Here's an easy guide to understanding how wear can be detected and what problem they might be indicating.

The key to knowing if the tire is damaged is observe the drawing on the rubber. All the grooves that make up this drawing contain small "witness" elevations that will tell us how worn the product is.

For example, if we see that these witnesses are almost at the same level as the rest of the material, the tire is in poor condition and its replacement is imminent.

The conservation of this pattern is crucial because it is what guarantees, not only adherence to the ground, but also the optimal performance of the vehicle in adverse weather conditions (since it is what allows the water that appears on the road to be expelled).

How to check tire wearHowever, it is also important to understand what types of wear exist to know what has caused it and to point to a definitive solution. The most frequent is even wear, which indicates a regular erosion over the entire surface of the tire frequently caused by delay in changing tires.

On the other hand, uneven wear can occur in different parts of the tire, friction that responds to various causes. In this way, An irregular erosion can occur in different ways and configure different causes. Let's see:

WEAR IN THE CENTER: It usually indicates that the inflation pressure is usually higher than the recommended one, so it touches the center more.

WEAR ON SOME OF THE SIDES: It is a strong indicator that the direction of the car is misaligned and we must check it.

LOCALIZED WEAR: This is a particularly affected area on the tread. It usually occurs with hard braking, in which the wheels lock up and then slide on the asphalt.

Anyway, It is very important that the tires and basic mechanics are checked periodically to avoid problems or road risks.

There are different checks that we can do to extend the life of the wheels such as alignment, balance and air pressure control.

All these reviews can be carried out, for example, in the more than 300 Service Centers that Bridgestone owns throughout the country.

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