Concept cars Peugeot… Very real!


Due to their very nature, concept cars advance technical, design or global innovations that the future product will adapt. Peugeot has more than 80 concepts presented throughout its two centuries of history. Some of them have been real turning points by years ahead of the automotive trend. Let's see…


More than fifteen years before the iOn was launched on the market, Peugeot already envisioned the future of urban mobility. To this end, at the 1994 Paris Motor Show, it showed the world the Peugeot iOn concept, an ultra-compact vehicle with a colorful and original design and, most notably, a high technological component. Both its electric motor and its advanced equipment for the time (CD player, LCD screen) made it a futuristic exercise. As a curiosity, the doors of this iOn opened automatically with a sensor as a reflection of its urban spirit. This functionality was designed to never have to fight with shopping bags again when finding the keys in the pockets.


The spirit of the 206 Escapade is the same that inspired, years later, the current 2008. On a B-segment vehicle, to offer a more robust and off-road aesthetic variation, with optimal interior habitability but compact and with its recognizable original design codes. The objective was to reach all types of clientele with the same model.


The Peugeot 806 Runabout has been one of Peugeot's most advanced conceptual bets. Developed in 1997 by the Peugeot Advanced Design office, this concept car is a hybrid of vehicle and the nautical world. Its conception is the reinterpretation of a car under the principles of a ship. To do this, it presents design features inspired by this universe and its level of quality placed it at the top of the range. Its silhouette, in short, emulated that of a boat. Over time, beyond its spirit, this concept stands out for the use of new types of materials such as wood or the search for maximum habitability: the rear of the vehicle hid a row of folding seats and the front could be rotated to give rise to a living room type cabin. A philosophy - that of turning life on board the vehicle into an experience - that today is a maxim in all Peugeot vehicles.

Curiously, and years later, Peugeot Design Lab (the current global design studio of the Brand) took this union between automobile and nautical further afield and designed the Peugeot Yatch Concept, a sailing boat with an unprecedented architecture.

Peugeot SR1 Paris 2010

One of the most important concept cars of the brand for everything it advanced. And it is that this prototype anticipated the current aesthetic codes that Peugeot implements in all its range of vehicles. Thus, the same year that the Brand celebrated its 200th anniversary, it also showed the world the Peugeot SR1 and introduced Peugeot in the third century, both of its own history and of the automobile. The front end of the SR1 has ended up being implemented in the current range. The most characteristic feature is the emblem of the lion carved into the hood and that seems to be carved on it. And models like the Peugeot 308 make use of LED optics to draw a look that the SR1 has already anticipated. The current range would not be understood without this Peugeot SR1 concept.



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