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Know the key points to take care of your motorcycle

The chassis, engine, tires, brakes, chain and battery are some of the aspects that must be checked to keep your vehicle in perfect condition, prevent unnecessary wear, save fuel and have a better resale value, arrived the moment.

The increase in traffic on the streets and the lower value in relation to a car are two of the reasons that lead many people to buy a motorcycle: easy to drive and park and much cheaper to maintain, it solves many of our daily problems . However, this does not mean that it does not require attention, but that it also needs aesthetic and functional care.

These cares are basically aimed at the safety of the driver, who can be confident that he operates a vehicle in the best conditions, and also at durability, the prevention of unnecessary wear, fuel savings and the possibility of obtaining a better resale value .

The visual inspection each time we are going to use the motorcycle is always important, but every certain period of time it is advisable to have it checked by a mechanic. Here are some things to keep in mind:

It must be ensured that it is not twisted, especially if there has been a fall or collision, since the blows produce certain torsional forces that can bend or deform the structure, which generates great dangers when driving, causing instability or unexpected vibrations. You also have to make sure that there are no loose or loose parts.

The oil level is a point to take into account and should be checked periodically: there are different ways to measure it and generally a dipstick is used. However, each motorcycle has its own service manual and the correct way to carry out this task is indicated there. Keeping the level just right is essential for the proper functioning of the vehicle. The oil change is also indicated in the Service Manual, and on average, it must be carried out at 7.500 kilometers, although this figure varies according to the makes and models. And together with the oil change, the filter must also be changed.

Another liquid to be aware of, if the motorcycle uses this technology, is the coolant, since it is of great importance for the engine to work at the right temperature, without overheating. Always check the coolant level and replace it with a new one to remove accumulated dirt and impurities.

The air filter, which allows the motorcycle to “breathe” better, improving combustion, the general operation of the engine and which entails significant fuel savings, must also be kept clean and in good condition.

The spark plugs, essential for good combustion, must be changed between 6.000 and 10.000 kilometers.

Wheels involve considering several issues, including the maintenance of brake pads as their proper operation prevents accidents. It is advisable to check them every 10.000 or 15.000 kilometers, also taking into account the use that is given to the motorcycle, doing it more frequently if the vehicle has a lot of wear and tear due to intensive use. If the use is urban and in blocked traffic, it is advisable to do the brake pad service at 10.000 kilometers or even a little earlier.

Regardless of how many kilometers have been traveled, if the pads already have very little volume and begin to squeal, it is advisable to change them immediately. The level of brake fluids, which tends to decrease with use or due to losses in the circuit, can be observed directly from the tanks. When inspecting the pads, it is a good time to also check the brake discs, which should not be worn, to ensure smooth and safe braking.

They must be visually inspected for cracks, cuts, nails, or items inserted into their surface. If your tires are worn, you don't have to wait long to change them for new ones.

The element that deserves the most care and attention on the motorcycle is, without a doubt, the chain, which in some models is replaced by a belt or cardan, and must always have the correct tension. There are ways to inspect it manually, tensioning it up and down and measuring that displacement, which is indicated in the Service Manual. In addition, it must always be properly greased and is generally replaced after 30.000 kilometers.

You should never ride without adequate lights, not even during the day, so front lighting is important and you should check the light or system mounted on the front of the motorcycle. In the same way, it is necessary to check the turn signals, the position light and the rear brake lights, which are essential for positioning and the signals that are made to third parties.

It should be replaced between the first and second year of the vehicle, and should be checked periodically.

Source: CENEDI



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