Tips for choosing the right tires for your vehicle

Understanding the technical specifications of your tires will help you make the correct replacements.

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Generally a vehicle's tires have a sequence of letters and numbers on the side. This code may seem like information only to manufacturers or experts, but it actually contains very important technical specifications for the driver.

This sequence is an identity document for the tire and the available data is essential so that the driver does not make mistakes when changing tires.

GoodyearThe measurements, the speed index and the load index of the tire are some of the information available on the side of the tire and Goodyear help the driver to understand how to identify them with these tips.


The sequence begins with letters and indicate proper use tire for each type of vehicle. If there is a "P", it is a tire for tourism or passengers, while a "LT" indicates that the tire is exclusively for light vehicles, such as SUVs and pick-ups. The absence of letters indicates that it is a European metric tire.


The profile is the ratio of the height of the cross section of the tire and its width is represented by a percentage. The next letter indicates the structure of the tire, the "R" corresponding to the radial and the "D" or "-" to the diagonal. It is essential to choose a part that has the same size designation and suffixes.


GoodyearThe following numbers indicate the load index, which corresponds to the maximum weight that a tire can support when properly inflated. Each index represents a load in kilograms. It is essential that this indicator is respected to guarantee the performance of the vehicle, since otherwise it loses capacity and may even cause accidents.


The last element in the sequence is a letter that represents speed index. The different letters symbolize the maximum operating speeds of a tire, where “N” is the smallest and means 140 km/h and "Y" the highest, 300 km / h. These indices only indicate the maximum speed capability of the tire in a straight line when properly inflated. For the best vehicle performance, it is essential that the entire set of tires have the same speed rating.


The tread also contains a key piece of information for knowing when to change the tire, and is represented by small rubber bumps in the tire grooves and marked with the initials TWI. When the tire wear reaches this mark, it is a sign that it has reached maximum wear and must be replaced.

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