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Citroën Conservatory: A sanctuary for history

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Citroën is a different brand that throughout its history has broken paradigms and inaugurated new ways of understanding the automobile. The objective has always been and continues to be today to make life easier for people, offering them useful mobility solutions adapted to their needs. A philosophy that the Citroën C4 Cactus embodies today and that can be seen in the historic Citroën that houses the brand's Conservatory on the outskirts of Paris under its roof. A space in which all the Citroën vehicles that have marked an era can be found: from the Front Wheel Drive, to the Méhari, through the 2CV or the GS, among others.

The Citroën Conservatory houses more than 400 pieces, making it the largest international Citroën collection in the world. This conservation center is a true museum of the history of Citroën that houses, in addition to the models, more than a kilometer of shelves of documentation collected over the years: registration records, sketches and plans of the Citroën study offices , posters, catalogs, information bulletins and magazines, press kits, technical documents, etc. Which also makes it the largest Citroën documentary center in the world.

The vehicles, among which you can also see the concepts that have marked the lines of future models, are organized by groups, in order to more easily observe the evolution of the brand through history.

PRIOR TO WORLD WAR II: Authentic witnesses and actors of the birth of Citroën. From Type A to Front Wheel Drive, through the B10, the C4, the C6 or even the Rosalie. A journey through time to rediscover the technologies and innovations of the time.

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POST-WAR: The Conservatory, which owns the first models produced by André Citroën, houses numerous post-war vehicles of which some remain in the collective memory: the 2 CV, the innovative GS and the most recent vehicles in their most surprising versions.

COMMERCIAL: One of the pillars of the brand today and throughout history. Among the unique pieces that can be found in the Conservatory, the last manufactured copy of the Type H stands out, the famous van built in ribbed sheet metal, which has become an icon of the 'Food Truck' phenomenon. Its unique design, versatility and transformative capabilities made it ubiquitous on the roads and streets throughout Europe during its more than 35 years of business life. Now, these are your strengths to be the standard-bearer of the restaurant-on-wheels revolution. It was discontinued in 1981, closing the production of this model, which began in 1947.

SPORT AND ADVENTURE: Adventure and sport are an essential element of Citroën's identity. In the Conservatory it is possible to remember the 2 CV Cross or start a ZX of the 1992 Paris-Moscow-Beijing rally-raid and even go further and get on one of the C4 Autocadenas protagonists of historical adventures such as the famous Black and Yellow Cruisers of Citroën. With the first of them, from October 28, 1924 to June 26, 1925, Citroën traveled from north to south across the entire African continent. Five years later, the Yellow Cruise started, with which Citroën faced the crossing of the Asian continent, from Beirut to Beijing.

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THE UNUSUAL: The Citroën Conservatory also owns unusual vehicles, either for their history or for their specific details, such as the Type J, with which Citroën has left its mark on the chevron wheels of tractors. Or a two-seater helicopter, developed by the brand in the 70s as an alternative to traffic jams.

PRESENT AND FUTURE: Today, it is the Citroën C4 Cactus that has inaugurated a new era in the automobile, offering only what really matters to people, with more design, more comfort and more useful technology, at the service of well-being. The C4 Cactus is the first model of a new generation of Citroën ready to conquer the market and make a mark in our time. Proof of this are the SpaceTourer and New Jumpy, commercial vehicles that offer a modern solution adapted to the new times that allows meeting the needs of both modern families and professionals. Or the Citroën E-Mehari, a nod to the iconic Méhari, 100% electric and with a colorful and fun design.



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