Lewis Hamilton wants to define his future at Mercedes as soon as possible

The multiple champion hopes to go into the mid-year break with a new deal with the German brand.

Although this contract between the English Lewis Hamilton and equipment Mercedes de F1 expires at the end of December, the multiple champion anticipated that he wants to define his sporting future before the summer break of the 2021 season. And the signs show that his idea is to continue with the German team with which he has already won seven titles.

The British's wish comes a few months after experiencing a start to the year full of uncertainty due to the negotiations of the agreement that is in full force. "We don't want to be in the position we were in January and February ever again. This year's thing ruined my whole winter and I'm sure it wasn't helpful for Toto (Wolff), in terms of being relaxed. ", admitted Hamilton, leader of this tournament after winning three of the four dates played so far.

Lewis Hamilton
Photo: Steve Etherington.

“We don't have to rush into anything, but I think we have to be sensible and start the conversations. They are very complex, it is never a super simple procedure and therefore hopefully we can get started soon as long as it does not interfere with the actual work. We still have 19 races ahead of us, but it would be great to have something before the (mid-season) break so we can rest and have a clear picture of the future. ", Agregó.

Toto wolff, responsible for Mercedes, agreed with its pilot and added that the new agreement should last several years: “We don't want to be in a stressful situation every year where we are trying to win races and at the same time negotiating. I would prefer that that does not happen… We should have an agreement for more than a year ”.

“We just have to spend a day or two together, get everything out there and decide what the difficult parts are. Then we'll close the door and won't come out until it's ready. As long as Lewis continues to take care of himself mentally and physically, he will be able to continue for much longer. ", finished the team-manager.



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