The Coradir Tito "Made in San Luis" runs out of pre-sale in a few days

The company sold 50 units at a 20% discount. It promises a range of 100 kilometers and a maximum speed of 65 km / h.

Eight months after its launch, the small electric vehicle Coradir Tito manufactured in San Luis, it more than met one of its first goals: to captivate the public. Such is so in a few days the units available for pre-sale were sold out, something that motivated the company to create a new promotion.

Coradir TitoCoradir, which is mainly dedicated to the development of electronic and computer equipment, put the pre-sale 50 units at $ 12.000 (1.127.000 pesos), 20% less than the final price of U.S. dollar 15.000 (1.400.000 pesos).

“We offered 50 units in pre-sale and they asked us for 100, so we had to close the pre-sale and outline a new one, in which we already have 150 interested parties. El Tito far exceeded our expectations and he surprised us a lot "Said Juan Manuel Baretto, owner of the company.

"Argentines and Argentines from 16 provinces signed up to purchase the car, so approximately 97 units are destined for the national territory and only four or five will remain in San Luis", Agregó.

Coradir TitoThe Coradir Tito has a capacity for four people despite its compact dimensions, it is 2,83 m long. The autonomy is 100 kilometers with a charge of eight hours on a 220V socket; while its maximum speed is 65 km/h. Inside it is equipped with a 10-inch LED HD touch screen with multimedia player, backup camera, radio and Bluetooth technology.

The small San Luis vehicle goes out to compete with two others of national manufacture: Volt, which is sold in three versions ranging from one million pesos to 2,3 million; Y Sero Electric, with two variants, $ 1,2 million and $ 1,9 million.



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