Electric cars will be cheaper to make in a few more years

This was stated by a study by Bloomberg New Energy Finance that indicates the impact that this will have on the European Union.

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A study of Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) stated that electric cars and utility vehicles will cost less to build than combustion engine vehicles from 2025 to 2027, depending on the category, and could constitute 100% of new vehicle sales in the European Union en 2035.

"Electric sedans and SUVs will be as inexpensive to build as gasoline vehicles starting in 2026, and small cars will follow in 2027.", according to  Transport and Environment (TMA), the NGO that commissioned the study. As for utility vehicles, light models will be cheaper to manufacture from 2025 and heavy ones from 2026, the authors' projections indicate.

Electric carsDue, "Vehicles will also be cheaper to buy, on average, even before subsidies" And not counting the long-term fuel economy.

The pre-tax price of an electric sedan will thus be matched by 2026 with that of a combustion engine by around 20.000 euros (slightly more than $ 24.000), before the almost 40.000 euros of the electric version in 2020.

The decrease in manufacturing costs is explained by "The fall in the price of batteries, as well as the development of production lines dedicated exclusively to electric vehicles", according to this study.

Starting from the current context, electric vehicles will represent 50% of new vehicle sales in Europe in 2030 and 85% in 2035.

Electric carsBut even in the last year they could represent 100% of new vehicle sales, as long as "Legislators are tougher on CO2 standards for vehicles and develop other policies to boost the market, such as a more dynamic deployment of charging points."

Transport and Environment requested, therefore, "Toughen the CO2 emission standards imposed on car manufacturers", and establish “A share of the sale of electric vehicles”.

“With the prices of electric cars falling, the car market is naturally heading towards the end of the sale of thermal cars in 2040. But in order to meet our climate targets, the last diesel or gasoline car would have to be sold. in 2035 ", he claimed Diane strauss, Director of TMA in France.

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