When a dozen brands ran in Turismo Carretera

In its origins, the category had a large fleet that reflected the automotive fleet of Argentina.

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The arrival of Toyota al Road Tourism from 2022 It has caused many fans of the category to cry out for what they consider to be something that violates the DNA of the category. Nevertheless, It is only enough to pry a little into its history to realize that originally a dozen brands competed.

While Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge y Torino today they are the most representative, in the genesis of the TC in the late 1930s there were a large number of automotive companies represented, many of which do not even exist today.

Ford Lo Valvo
Ángel Lo Valvo on the Ford V8 coupe with which he won the 1937 Argentine Grand Prix.

In that 1937 Argentine Grand Prix, considered as the first race of the specialty, there were 72 automobiles that represented twelve different brands. More than half of the park belonged to Ford, who won from the hand of Angel Lo Valvo, but they also competed Plymouth, Chevrolet, terraplane, Hillman hawk, Lincoln zephir, Graham Super, Continental , Hupmobile, Hudson Six, Dodge y Peerless.

The variety of machines represented the automotive fleet of that time, something that was maintained during the first years of the TC. As many of these companies disappeared, Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, Plymouth and Mercury, although with the passage of time these last two were also forgotten.

In the '60s they joined Volvo, a brand that even boasts a triumph from the hand of Carlos Pairetti in Villa Carlos Paz in 1965; Renault, with the remembered Gordini baptized as Scandalous MouseAnd also Torino, which in time would become the Teceist Great Room. In the mid-70s there were also isolated participations of Peugeot , With the 504; Y Fiat, with the models 1600 y 125 coupé.

Kaser frazer
In the foreground, a Kaser Frazer. Behind, a Mercury.

In spite of those radical fans of the TC, it is well worth clarifying that today's vehicles have little of those Ford, Dodge, Chevrolet and Torino that competed until the end of the '90s. All cars are built from tubular structures that are fitted with bodies that resemble those classic models.

In fact, the same explains the current technical regulation of the TC, which in its Article 2 states that they can only run, automobiles manufactured by the supplier authorized by the ACTC and that have gone on sale through FADRA spare parts.

“Cars must maintain at all times the measurements, dimensions of the chassis and bodies manufactured in these workshops. The car bodies Ford Falcon, Chevrolet Coupe, Dodge Coupe and Torino Coupe must comply with the indications of these regulations and the measures stipulated therein. All those unspecified measures must be the same as those presented by the bodies of each brand ”.

TC fans resist something known as evolution and that the category already lived in its time, although on rare occasions. Toyota's entry is just the beginning of a new era. We will have to adapt ...


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