When Sandro was a pilot

In 1971 Sandro played a pilot in the movie "I will always love you." In the film there were several sequences in action of the Sport Prototype, one of the main categories of the time

Sandro, one of the founders of rock en español in Latin America, starred in several films throughout his career and one of them had him on top of a racing car. It was in "Always love You", released in 1971. In this film the remembered Roberto Sánchez he put himself in the shoes of Fernando Andrade, a pilot admired by crowds, hated by rivals and revered by girls.

Andrade, with a bold and rebellious temperament, begins to have an affair with Elisa, the daughter of the owner of his team. Fernando takes it as one more hobby and continues to flirt with half the world, but his employer decided to punish him and from then on his life began a spiral of disasters, including an accident that left him blind and bedridden, where at the end of the tunnel you will meet true love.

When Sandro was a pilotThrough this film directed by Leo Fleider and who also starred Elena Sedova, Olinda Bozán y Marcos zucker, the famous Gypsy combined speed, music and romance. Undoubtedly, an infallible recipe when it comes to capturing the interest of the large number of fans.

"I will always love you", in addition, he took motor racing to the big screen since Andrade "competed" in the defunct Sport Prototype. That is why the public was able to see various sequences of the category during different races of their championship. Sandro's stunt double in the action shots was Carlos Alberto Pairetti, Champion of Road Tourism in 1968 and a great friend of the singer.

During the filming, Pairetti was forbidden to lend the race cars to Sandro, who always insisted on him to feel the adrenaline in first person. Pairetti gave up several times, but at the insistence of his friend, he had no choice but to give in. Of course, without imagining that Sandro would have a spectacular accident, which later became part of the film.

“I gave him a right-hand drive Sport Prototype. The first round passed well, slowly; the second was going faster. On the third lap, at turn 5 of the Cabalén, he crashed into the guard rail and overturned. It was under the car. They did not reach my legs or the car I grabbed to get to the curve to see if something had happened to him, because the car was fixed. Fortunately, absolutely nothing happened to him. 'Did you realize that what I do is not for everyone?' I said. "It's the same as I started singing, here you have to know how to drive"Il Matto recalled a while ago.

"I will always love you" was a success. As were the other 12 films starring the "Argentine Elvis", who became a legend on January 4, 2010 when he died at the age of 64.


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