How much does it cost to maintain a car in Argentina?

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Argentina is one of the countries in Latin America where it is more expensive to fill the fuel tank, something that shows in the pocket of vehicle owners. But it is not the only cost that a driver has throughout the year. Here we will analyze some basic expenses to maintain a car:

To circulate in the country you have to have, at least, the compulsory civil liability insurance. For a Volkswagen Gol of the year 2015, we quote how much civil liability insurance would cost (the obligatory one) and we find it available for monthly installments of between 320 and 390 pesos. To contract a complete third-party insurance we already find prices that range between 550 and 2.000 pesos depending on the different coverages.

The price of fuel in Argentina is one of the main headaches for drivers, especially after the latest increases and as a result of the drop in international prices. Currently the approximate price of a liter is 17.24 pesos (1.14 dollars), a considerable price difference if we compare it with its value at the beginning of the year when it was around $ 0.99 dollars.

With this rise, and taking as a reference the Volkswagen Gol, which comes with a 1.6-liter gasoline engine and consumes approximately between 9 and 10 liters per 100 kilometers, we calculate that per year (on average a car travels about 15.000 km) we will spend between 1.540 and $ 1.710; that is, between 128 and 142 dollars a month (between 1.940 and 2.150 pesos).


On the other hand, the price of diesel has not been exempt from increases in recent months -only since February of this year it has gone from 0.90 dollars per liter to 1.04 dollars (15.83 pesos) in which it is currently.

Taking this value into account, and if our car has an engine that consumes between 6 and 7 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers, we will obtain an annual expense of between 936 and 1.092 dollars, which is equivalent to an expense of between 78 and 91 dollars per month ( between 1.180 and 1.380 pesos per month).

Another expense that drivers who do not have their own parking must face is renting a private parking lot to prevent the car from being left out in the open and could be looted or stolen. Or also avoid that it does not suffer any damage in the event of storms or falling hail.

The prices of this service have also been rising significantly in recent years in Argentina (an issue that Autofoco already discussed at the beginning of September this year).

It is worth mentioning that the rental price of a private garage varies substantially depending on the area in which we are, being the downtown or Recoleta some of the most expensive areas to park -with monthly prices that can reach 2.800 pesos-. To find somewhat lower monthly parking rentals, we must locate ourselves in neighborhoods such as Liniers or Constitución, where the monthly rent can be around 800 pesos.


There is also another fixed expense that we must carry out with the purchase of a vehicle: We must take into account the periodic maintenance that we must carry out from time to time for safety and to avoid future damage. The manufacturer will be the one who recommends how often or kilometers we should carry out maintenance, but the normal thing is that we do one every year or every 15.000 km.

Maintenance prices will vary substantially depending on whether we go to an official workshop or not. In the case of Volkswagen (since we are taking Gol as an example), the manufacturer recommends that maintenance be done every 15.000 km or a year in gasoline vehicles or every 7.500 km or a year in diesel vehicles.

It is worth mentioning that the price varies depending on where we perform the maintenance; in the capital and GBA the maintenance price of the Gol will be 4.039 pesos at 15.000 km and 4.859 at 30.000 km. In Interior Buenos Aires, Cuyo, Litoral and Center of the country, the first maintenance of the Gol costs us somewhat less ($ 3.989 pesos), in the North this same maintenance costs $ 3.929 pesos and in the south it will cost $ 3.809 pesos.

If your car has a diesel engine, the first maintenance at Volkswagen will cost between $ 4.599 and $ 7.489, depending on the model.


After the fixed costs analyzed, we can make a rough estimate of what a Volkswagen Gol owner will spend on their vehicle each month.

- Insurance: Between 350 pesos (mandatory) and 1.200 pesos (third party insurance).
- Fuel: Naphtha between 1.940 and 2.150 pesos per month. Diesel between 1.180 and 1.380 pesos per month.
- Garage: Between 800 and 2.800 pesos per month.
- Maintenance: Annual revision 4.000 pesos approximately. That is, 333 pesos a month.




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