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Matter of colors

Have you ever stopped to think why you chose that color for your car? Maybe not, but it was probably an impulse. It is proven that colors influence our mood and reflect our personality.

When you go to buy a new car you consider several things; if it is better a 0km or a used, an SUV or a hatchback. However, they say that the choice of color responds more to an impulse than to rational reasons.

But what are the most popular colors?, the first used car portal in all of Argentina, serves as a sample to check which shades our country's drivers prefer. So far in 2015, more than 40 thousand vehicles have been sold at Autofoco, including hatchbacks, trucks, pick-ups, city cars, etc.

According to the portal's sales figures, the predominant color is white (17% of the cars sold were that color) followed closely by gray (14,7%) and black (11,3%) . Behind them, blue (almost 6%) and red (5%) close the top five of colors preferred by buyers in Argentina.

But white is not only the most popular color in Argentina, but also worldwide. According to an annual study carried out by the paint manufacturer PPG, white is the color that most people choose for their car (one in three cars sold last year were white). Second, black is the most chosen color in the world, followed by silver, gray and natural tones (gold, beige, yellow, orange and coffee).

It is true that in a matter of taste there is nothing written, but we can decide on one or the other following practical reasons. One of the reasons is cleanliness; light colored cars like white or silver gray hide dirt better. On the other hand, in darker colors such as navy blue or black it is more noticeable, so you will have to clean your car more often.


Another important point is the thermal factor, especially in areas that support high temperatures during the summer. As everyone knows, light colors reflect sunlight and heat up less. The opposite occurs with dark colors as they absorb more energy from the sun.

And if you think about your pocketbook, the resale value of a white, black or gray car is higher than that of an orange car, for example. The reason is simple, if you try to sell a car of a very striking and unusual color (except in special cases), there will be much fewer people interested in buying it so you will have to lower the price.

In addition to the above reasons, many prefer a color instinctively, or because they feel more identified with some shades than with others. According to Cadillac's director of color and design, Erin Crossley, "Color induces memory and influences your mood, especially when it is connected to the way you express your personality."

And it is that bright and intense colors such as red or yellow are usually associated with young people with a lot of vitality and energy, while neutral and weak colors are considered calm and luxurious. White inspires peace and calm and indicates timelessness, while black relates to luxury and elegance.

Therefore, selecting the color of the car is more a matter of instinct, an unconscious way of showing our personality. Something like we do with the clothes we wear. And you, what color did you choose your car?



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