How to make the tires last longer?

Here are six things to keep in mind to extend the life of your vehicle's tires.

Maintaining your tires correctly can increase their life., that is, to make them last longer. Of course, thanks to this we can save money, circulate safer and contribute to caring for the environment. And how to make the rubbers last longer? Following these six tips ...


TireA simple check is regularly check the tire pressure as they lose it over time and insufficient inflation can damage them. The tire pressure should be checked at least once a month and always before trips with a full load. Although many vehicles are now equipped with electronic tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS), it must also be controlled manually with a pressure gauge.

How do you know what the correct pressure is? Usually, pressure values ​​are found in a vehicle manual. There you will find the indications based on the level of load and speed, although these are also molded into the sidewall of the tire.


TireLike pressure, a simple visual check of the tread of the tires periodically ensures that the tires are in the best condition. How? Look at the ribs between the bands, as well as the center or outer edges for obvious signs of wear or any objects that may have become embedded.


TireTypically, tires installed on the front axle of a vehicle wear differently than those on the rear, but by changing its position, from front to back and vice versa, its service life can be optimized. Although it is something that is not valid for all vehicles. How do you know when to rotate them? Rotation periods vary, but if you frequently drive at high speeds or take long or fully charged trips, it is advisable to do more regular rotations. If you see uneven tire tread wear it can also indicate a need for rotation.


TireIf when checking your tires for wear, uneven wear can also indicate more serious wheel alignment or tire balance problems. Correct wheel alignment makes tires last longer. How can I identify it? If the vehicle rolls to either side or if the steering wheel is not centered when driving in a straight line or vibrates, these are signs that the vehicle should be checked by going to a specialist workshop. Furthermore, uneven tire wear, if not corrected, will also jeopardize tire effectiveness.


Car tripThe good driving habits they also reduce the need to buy new tires frequently. A smooth and careful driving style, avoiding road imperfections, will benefit the life of the tires and ensure that they perform at their best. Conversely, harsh acceleration and braking or aggressive driving over potholes and crevices will damage the tires.


TireIn Europe, each year, more than 3 million tonnes of tires are collected at the end of their useful life for recycling or reuse. So the moment you think your tires can no longer be used and you need new tires, make sure to dispose of old ones responsibly in order to give them the opportunity of a second life and contribute to the circular economy.



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