Dakar: Automundo's notebook (part 3)

De Villiers again in the race, the unusual abandonment of Daniel Sanders, the harshness of Joan Barreda Bort, the anger of Laia Sanz ...

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The notebook of autoworld about him Dakar 2022 continues to accumulate pages with news, statements, data and much more ...

The cars category recovered a candidate for the podium, the South African Giniel DeVilliers whose five-hour penalty he received for destroying the Moroccan's motorcycle was withdrawn Mohamedsais Aoulad Ali during the second stage. After appealing the measure, Toyota GAZOO Racing provided new evidence showing that the 2009 champion was inadvertently responsible for the incident and that he never overreached. Thanks to the fact that the sanction was withdrawn, De Villiers is now fighting for a place on the podium.


Daniel sanders
Photo: Red Bull Content Pool.

Undoubtedly, one of the most important dropouts of the career was that of Daniel sanders, Gas Gas. Winner of three stages, the Aussie was third in the motorcycle general classification when Dakar himself played a trick on him.

Although his team did not disclose the reasons for the fall he suffered in the middle of the seventh stage between Riyadh y Al-Dawadimi, everything to point to what he fell asleep.

Sanders collided with a curb located on a three-lane highway, in an area enabled to make a U-turn. In the blow he hit his elbow, while his motorcycle was totally destroyed.

The Spanish Joan Barreda, Honda, is a clear example of what a human being could do to reach the end of the toughest race in the world. Clavicle fractured in the fifth stage after a fall and despite that keep fighting to get in the top ten in the competitive category of motorcycles. “I have a lot of pain, especially in the area with rocks, which becomes complicated. I have a different riding position and I have to make a lot of effort on the bike, but I can feel better on the fast tracks. "Bang Bang explained.


Laia Sanz
Photo: Red Bull Content Pool.

The arrival of the Federation International of the Automobile to the Dakarian world -from this year the competition is part of the brand new Cross Country World Cup- has caused some changes, such as in the special stage starting positions. During the first week, the priority drivers registered for the championship were taken into account, something that provoked the airy protest of those who usually run in the Dakar.

It forced some riders who only do the competition to start further behind than usual, something they considered unfair for not respecting their result the day before. One of those who put the cry in the sky was the Spanish Laia Sanz, who is racing in cars with a MINI All4Racing of Primax X-Raid Team.

“If you finish on the 31st and you are not a priority, they send you 40 positions further back. So it is very difficult to compete with the 25th, for example, because going so far back you find the track destroyed and the dust in front, while the 25th has absolutely different and more favorable conditions. And we are talking about six positions of difference. I hope that the FIA ​​and the organization will reflect on this and change it, because it is not logical ”, said the former motorcyclist, who was satisfied with the change in criteria from the second week, resuming the starting order for each stage as before.

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