Ten sports cars without a windshield: A dangerous trend

They are gorgeous super cars that lack one of the most important parts in cars.

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El windshield It is one of the security elements that has saved the most lives, but in recent years many cars have been released lacking this protective element. It is a very unsafe and uncomfortable fashion, a step back in terms of safety, even if these cars - which are approved for driving on the street - were only used in a closed circuit and with a helmet.

Ferrari Monza SP2Feeling the air on your face can be a very romantic ideal, but the truth is that to drive these cars it is almost essential to wear a helmet, because from a certain speed the air in the eyes will not allow us to see. Even if we wear a helmet at high speeds, we must have a very strong neck to keep our head steady and withstand the force of air on the helmet. And those are just some of the problems that the driver of this type of car can suffer.

It is that, although it seems obvious, the windshield protects us from the elements (wind, rain, hail, snow or UV rays), from cold or very warm air, from airborne dust ... and also from the intrusion into the passenger compartment of objects, which can be from a stone "spit" at high speed by the tires from the vehicle that precedes us, to more forceful objects fallen from other vehicles or blown by the wind.

But the windshield also protects in the event of a rollover, acts as a support for the passenger's airbag when it is deployed and supports the cameras and sensors of the ADAS security systems; safety elements that none of these cars can equip.

Renault Sport SpiderEl Renault Sport Spider from 1996, a model created for competition that was sold with or without a windshield, can be considered as the pioneer of this new fashion. But it is now when sports cars without a windshield are living their moment of splendor. They are all limited-series sports cars, offering spectacular "clean" designs and promising a more purist driving experience. Their driving sensations are reminiscent of those experienced by racing single-seater and flatbed drivers, although many of these racing cars are beginning to use windscreens or equivalent safety systems to avoid serious injuries to drivers. These are ten models for sale today ...


Lambosghini SC20A car so unique that it has been designed and developed according to the wishes of a customer. The objective of Lamborghini It was to create an extreme sports car in its design and performance, with new lines and exclusive details. According to the brand, "The carbon fiber bodywork directs airflows with great efficiency, allowing a comfortable ride even at high speeds". Ride a V12 engine with 770 hp. Eight years earlier, Lamborghini already showed us a car without a windshield with the Fan from 2012. This model had two small wind deflectors, one for the driver and one for the passenger.


Mclaren elvaEl McLaren lightest ever built is capable of reaching 200 km/h in 6,7 seconds. Of course, to reach those speeds on the track it is essential to wear a helmet ... or order the car with a windshield (at no additional cost). Depending on the brand, the system Active Air Management It allows to circulate up to 120 km / h without a helmet in a comfortable way. This system sucks the air in, redirects it inside and expels it at high speed through the outlets located on the hood. This creates a virtual “dome” of air that prevents the wind from entering the cabin and disturbing the driver or passenger.


Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2Ferrari It has also signed up for this fashion with two limited series models for customers and collectors of its sports cars: the Monza SP1 (single-seater) and SP2 (two-seater) without windshield. They are cars that chase the Icona concept The Center “Connects with the past through the common thread of the most evocative vehicles in the brand's history”, according to Ferrari. “The visibility without a windshield or pillars allows you to enjoy a curve entry and exit only comparable to that achieved in an F1. The pilot thus enjoys an integration with a sports vehicle, and a very gratifying feeling ", announces the brand. These models have what the firm calls "Virtual windshield", aerodynamic elements designed to divert the flow of air from the driver's head. Part of the air that flows over the hood enters through an air intake, which accelerates it and directs it vertically in front of the instrument panel. This generates an air flow pushed upwards that generates a low speed pocket around the cabin.


Aston Martin V12 SpeedsterAston Martin had already shown in 2013 the CC100 Speedster Concept without windshield, inspired by the DBR1 winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. But V12 Speedster It is a production model, with a limited series of 88 units "that will go to collectors' garages around the world", depending on the brand. Equip a 12 hp V700 engine that allows it to accelerate from 0-100 km / h in 3,5 seconds and reach a top speed of 300 km / h.


Lotus-3-Eleven-430Only 20 copies of the Lotus more radical, that in front of the driver only has a spoiler. It weighs 920 kilos and reaches 290 km/h.


Dallara StradaleThe first road car from the racing car manufacturer Dallas It does not have a standard windshield, but optionally offers a polycarbonate with a carbon fiber frame (16.600 euros), roof (7.700 euros) and doors (7.300 euros). It has 400 hp of power.


Ariel AtomA cult car for driving enthusiasts, capable of outperforming much more powerful sports cars due to its extreme lightness (612 kg) and refined chassis. Not only does it lack a windshield; it does not have a roof, doors, windows or bodywork either. Among its list of options there is a tiny “aero screen” that derives some wind from the pilot's head.


Caterham Seven 620RThe windshield is also an optional item on this purist model, inspired by the Lotus Seven from the 50s. It weighs less than 520 kilos and has more than 300 hp.


KTM X-BowThe radical two-seater sports car from KTM It is designed to be enjoyed on a circuit, although it is approved for use on public roads. KTM recommends wearing a helmet to ride it, although it is not mandatory. This model also has a GT version with a large windshield and side windows. It has a motor 300 CV and it only weighs 847 kilos.


Polaris SlingshotThis three-wheeled device promises strong sensations, thanks to its 178 CV and reduced weight. It is the cheapest on the list, since its price in the United States is based on the U.S. dollar 19.999. Offers an optional windshield.

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