DGR Buenos Aires 2021: The format of the meeting is defined

This meeting of motorcyclists, which has a charitable purpose, takes place simultaneously in several countries. The call for this year is for May 23.

What will happen to The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride Buenos Aires 2021? That's the question that many two-wheelers are asking themselves by now. The call for this multitudinous meeting, which has a charitable purpose, is for the next Sunday May 23. But the damn coronavirus, at least in Argentina, be careful that it is done in its traditional format.

The DGR is an initiative of Movember Foundation, founded in 2012. Since its creation, the number of participants has increased edition after edition. In the first they got together 2.500 motorcyclists in 64 cities. There are currently more than 120.000 riders en 648 metropolises from 93 countries. Participants can make donations and all proceeds go to prostate cancer research and men's mental health.

Buenos Aires is the place that has had the most participants in recent times. In 2019, the last pre-pandemic edition, gathered more than 4.000 motorcyclists, who gathered on the steps of the law School. The meeting was also replicated in other Argentine cities such as rosary, Mar del Plata man, Salta, Cordova y Mendoza.

But what will happen this year? Everything indicates that the same will happen in 2020, when the call was to shoot "alone", but keeping the spirit of the DGR: touring the city with motorcycles, preferably in style cafe racers, choppers y scramblers; and an elegant dress according to a "distinguished gentleman" to combat the negative stereotype of men on motorcycles. The resolution will be released next week.

“The traditional format will not apply, unfortunately. We are defining what it will be and next Monday we will announce it ", Told him Fernando "Bear" Marsan, organizer of DGR Buenos Aires, to Automundo.

“This is an event whose objective is to generate preventive health awareness with a focus on men due to prostate cancer and suicide due to depression. With a pandemic like the one we are experiencing, which affects a good part of the age range of the people who participate in the DGR, we have to be consistent with the message. We cannot generate a motivation for people to meet ", clarified Bear.

It will surely be a different DGR, but it should not be lived with less desire than a traditional one. Prepare your motorcycle, send your clothes to the dry cleaner, enter www.gentlemansride.com to register and make a donation and wait until next Sunday, May 23, to go out and shoot around the city.





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