Drive to Survive: These are the chapters of the third season

The third part of the rear that gets into the intimacy of Formula 1 premiered on Netflix.

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One week before the start of the 72nd World Cup F1 premiered in Netflix the third season of Drive to Survive, the series that shows the intimacy of the highest category. It is made up of ten chapters, which we summarize below ...

1. MONEY TALKS: While the threat of coronavirus stalks the Australian Grand Prix, the new car a team is the subject of controversy.

2. HEATING UP MOTORS: The drivers travel to Austria to participate in their first race in more than 200 days. The rivalry between Red Bull y Mercedes it rages, on and off the track.

Drive to Survive 33. THE ROLE OF THE SECONDARY: The Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottasdetermined not to be overshadowed by Lewis Hamilton, take advantage of the opportunity presented to you during the Russian Grand Prix.

4. WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT FERRARI: This is the Italian Grand Prix in which the pilots of Ferrari, Charles Leclerc y Sebastian VettelThey try to put the much-needed positive spin on their season.

5. THE END OF AN ADVENTURE: Daniel Ricciardoof the team Renault, makes a risky decision public. Several teams join forces against the increasingly powerful Racing Point.

6. REMATCH: After their controversial relegation last season, Pierre Gasly wants to show Christian horner, Red Bull team boss, who made a big mistake.

7. GUENTHER'S DECISION: In view of their disappointing results, the head of Haas, Guenther Steiner, is under pressure to make changes and sets his sights on a new driver with enormous potential.

8. I DO NOT REGRET: With the march of Carlos Sainz to Ferrari at the end of the season, McLaren puts her faith in the one who will soon become her former teammate: Lando Norris.

9. AN UNSTOPPABLE MAN: During two very dramatic races drivers with uncertain futures compete to keep their places in F.1. A terrifying accident surprises everyone.

10. UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE: Racing Point challenge McLaren and Renault in the final race of the season at Abu Dhabi. Hamilton speaks without filters about what it is like to be the only black driver in F.1.

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